Context of Communication Essay

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Context of Communication

Explain how to adapt communication with children and young people for: Building relationships is important in children and young people. You need to adapt your behaviour and communication accordingly. Assessing the situation and environment you are in. It is important that children in all situations feel secure and have a sense of value from you. Your interaction with them should show this. You need to be able to create a positive relationship with children and young people this in turn will create a positive relationship, which will allow them to feel, accepted as part of the school community. Age of a child or young person.

Different ages will require different levels of attention. It is up to you to be able to differentiate the different levels. A younger child may need assurance and more physical contact rather than an older child. As a child matures the physical contact is reduced and instead there is an increase level of confidence needed. They will need more help in expressing their opinions and thought’s across as well as involving themselves in discussion. Adapting your vocab is a good way to help progress in these levels as well as your response. Reacting positively by listening and responding to them accurately will help in their progress of effective communication. The context of communication

You need to be aware of different situations such as age, place etc. you will need to adapt the communication to this situation. Being aware of children/young adults’ level of development and understanding of cognitive and language ability. When starting to talk to child/young person it is usually best to try and talk about them about something they like. For example talk to them about football, music or computer games. When talking about something they know it is makes them feel more comfortable when talking to you. As well you can talk to them about hobbies, interests, friends and family which will hopefully let you know some of things they do at home and outside of school. This will make it easier to start a conversation off by asking about a family member or what a certain activity was like. Making the child/young person talk to you in friendly way. But it is important to remember though that you are not the child/young person friend or parent you have to always be clear about your role.

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