Content: Advantages and Disadvantages of IQ and EQ

  1. IQ gets you through school.
  2. Having a high IQ is much better in cognitive skills.
  3. The IQ may help with jobs that require little human interaction and mainly just a knowledge of a subject.
  4. IQ is more rational thinking.
  5. Quickness of mind
  6. When you have a high IQ, your brain will increase its power and efficiency. Brain plasticity – the ability of brain to reorganize itself by growing new brain cells or connections. Energy supply to the brain – particularly when it’s working hard.

Disadvantages of Having a High IQ

  1. Be overly sensitive to criticism or disapproval, or respond strongly to minor suggestions or comments about their work or performances.
  2. Having a possibility to grow with “maladjusted” in some way: for example having significant problems of anxiety, depression, personality disorder or experience of nervous breakdowns.
  3. People with high IQ is more Likely to Be Self-Destructive.

Advantages of Having a High EQ

  1. Ability to assess a situation and stay in control of your emotions and actions.

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  2. A high EQ can help in jobs that require good social skills.
  3. When you have a high EQ, you can control your emotion.
  4. You can be more optimistic. develops high self esteem which in turn gives the person the confidence to see the brighter side even in difficult situations.
  5. Be aware of and manage your own emotions to achieve positive outcomes
  6. Take responsibility for your own emotions
  7. Have an awareness of others’ emotions
  8. Be more effective and efficient as an individual and team member
  9. Be able to coach others towards positive emotions and positive Outcomes.

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Disadvantages of Having a High EQ

  • It’s difficult to test for emotional intelligence.
  • People might not take the importance of emotional intelligence seriously.
  • It takes time to develop the skills necessary to fully harness emotional intelligence. Unfortunately, this cannot be learned overnight.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a High IQ

  • IQ gets you through school.
  • Having a high IQ is much better
  • In cognitive skills.
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Content: Advantages and Disadvantages of IQ and EQ
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