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The Anti-Content Mindset

There have been many debates on the issue of the American public education system. Bill Quirk, in his article entitled The Anti-Content Mindset: The Root Cause of the “Math Wars” in 2005 stresses that the strength of any society always depends on the quality of the “shared tradition of knowledge” that is passed on from… View Article

Benazir Income Support Programme Research Proposal

In this ongoing research, the researcher wants to analyze the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP). Keeping in view the agenda of our research the researcher identify the main organizational model and implement structure, characteristics or components of Benazir income support programme and there affects in social, poverty alleviation/reduction and economy of Pakistan. Benazir Income Support… View Article

TW Telecom SWOT Analysis

Abstract This paper explores the facets of two telecommunications companies and provides a SWOT Analysis of one; TW Telecom, previously known as Time Warner Telecom. As of June, 16, 2014, Level 3, a larger telecommunications company serving medium to large enterprise size companies announced its commitment to the take-over of TW Telecom. Although this paper’s… View Article