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consumers are now more aware of sustainability and how

consumers are now more aware of sustainability and how the manufacturing and disposal practices can lead to major environmental issues that make consumers move to other brands with more environment-friendly products, hence we are going to change our products’ materials especially clothes with high quality which is a natural fiber like cotton, wool, silk, and other plant. They are a sustainable resource, biodegradable, and renewable. Such material can be used without damaging the environment. Natural fibers in clothes have good look, comfortable and breathable when wearing, hold up much longer, and do not harm or sensitize your skin.

This type of material play a role in reflecting colors in a beautiful way so, making love story between customer and our product is possible. On another hand, employing new technology very important to reach the same objective, using a smart machine outside the store that collects the used clothes of customers for recycling or disposing purpose in a way that does not cause pollution in the environment.

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To encourage customers for bringing used clothes, they will be given a card for collecting points by dropping clothes in the machine and then move it on card scanner to add the point to your card. With those collected points they will enjoy a discount on their purchases. The machine is available for customers 24 hours.

Physical store plays a great role in driving consumer’s purchase decision. Applying several technics will attract customers to have experience and keep strong of our brand or store. Store’s layout, color and, lighting have a big influence on the consumers’ mode and buying behaviors.

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The store will be arranged to look visually stimulating to capture attention and motive people to walk in and discover. Layout of the store and its staff will be organized in such a way customers can navigate and easy reach what they looking for. For an instant, the clothes in-store will be grouped by similar colors, celebrations, seasons, new collection, gender, age, and size that lead to easy and desirable choices without any suffering, wasting the time for nothing, and give nice view of store which catches customer eyes toward them. As well as, adding a spotlight on specific and new clothes with a clear description label that contains meaningful words that identifying clothes characteristics and material, for example, describing women’s coat as”coat is made of wool and silk which retention body heat with sense of softness”.At that time consumer try on the coat and feel exactly about what they read on lable .So, we are going to join customer experience and the lable contant to build the trust and to keep our product in the customer’s brain to come back again and their preferences.

In addition, fashion expert staff will be available to give you support for how to choose the appropriate clothes and accessories for you based on fashion standards like seasons color, body shape, celebration, timing, skin color, etc. All staff will join courses on how to deal and build strong relationships with customers

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