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Consumer Behaviour Essay

Essay Topic:

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Executive Summary

In this consumer behavior assignment, I used report formal. Besides that, the product that has given me the highest satisfaction when I purchased is Sony Xperia S, and I had to decide and choose Sony Xperia S this product for my consumer behavior assignment. In this consumer behavior assignment, I have introduced the product history, product background, criterias or features of product and the consumer behavior theory that relevant to my purchasing. Meanwhile, I have provided some picture of Sony Xperia S to make my explanation more distinct.

Introduction of Sony Xperia S and consumer behavior theory related with Sony Xperia S and me.

1.0 Sony Ericsson’s History

Sony Ericsson was established by two companies, which are Sony Corporation and Ericsson, founded in 2001 (Telford, 2008). Lars Magnus Ericsson is the creator and the director of the Ericsson Company, and he is the first person who mended telegraph equipment and opens telegraph repair workshop in Sweden, founded in 1876. After two year, he started worked with his employee to design and manufactured out the first telegraph called “electrical speech machine’’ in Ericsson Company (Nilsson, 2001).

Following figure 1.1 shows the electrical speech machine.

Figure 1.1

Japan country is the first created Sony product. Formerly, all Sony products are under by Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Company. In 1958, the name of company was officially changed to Sony Corporation and established in Nihonbashi. In 1968, Sony product was a famous technology product in global technology market. Meanwhile, Sony Corporation succeeded as one of the best consumer electronic brands in the world. In 2001 October, Sony Corporation and Ericsson agreed to cooperate and create a Sony Ericsson brand phone, meanwhile Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB was established from 2001 until present. Sony Ericsson C1002S is the first phone released from Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB. Following figure 1.2 shows the Sony Ericsson C1002S.

Figure 1.2

Beside that, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB vision statement is to become the communication entertainment brand and mission statement is to provide quality end to end communication services to small and medium sized corporate business (coolpatil, 2010). 2.0 Sony Xperia S Background

In this era, smartphone is a very popular electronic phone for all people, such as Iphone, Sony Xperia, Samsung galaxy, HTC and so on. Besides that, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB was released and created many different model, different design, and different specifications of phone. For example, the first generation Sony Ericsson mobile phone was keypad phone. Next, in second generation, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB used Walkman and Cybershot camera combine it together with Sony Ericsson phone and released to consumers. The second generation mobile phone is to attract consumers, who likes to take photo and likes listen music or song. Furthermore, in third generation, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB released and manufactured smartphone to consumer like Sony Xperia S. As a result, we can see Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB was created every new phone depend on future generation.

3.0 Nature of Sony Xperia S

The product I choose for this assignment is Sony Xperia S. In 5 March 2012, Sony Xperia S was emerging to all country (McCann, 2012). Sony Xperia S is an Android Gingerbread device, which is upgradable to Android ICS. Sony Xperia S just one simple squares, curves, and vogue look external design. Meanwhile, Sony Xperia S possesses the transparent strip below the display and display screen of the phone is 4.3-inch with Sony’s Bravia HD technology wide and it has a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and measurement was 128 x 64 x 10.6mm. The weight of Sony Xperia S is 144grams and it is only 10.6mm thickness. Furthermore, Sony Xperia S just available two colours, that is black and white (Diangson, 2012 ). Following figure 3.1 shows the introduction of Sony Xperia S.

Figure 3.1

After that, figure 3.2 shows Sony Xperia S having a 3.5mm headphone jack and unlock buttons or power on the top. Besides that, figure 3.3 shows on the right side having a volume buttons, a dedicated camera button, a HDMI out socket (the cable came in our box) and figure 3.4 shows flap-covered Micro USB on the left side (Savov, 2012). In figure 3.5 shows the front of the phone possesses the front facing 1.3megapixel camera. Moreover, figure 3.6 shows the rear cover possess camera 12-megapixel lens, LED flash light, secondary mic, loudspeaker and at the bottom of the phone are present Sony Ericsson logo (Lavelle, 2012).

Figure 3.2 Figure 3.3
Figure 3.4 Figure 3.5

Figure 3.6

4.0 The criterias or features of Sony Xperia S

The criteria or features of Sony Xperia S that I felt most satisfying are Sony Xperia S’s specification because there are many different types of specification available and inside Sony Xperia S. Which are, PlayStation Certified, high-definition display, HD Video playback, great camera capture, and android application system (Warman, 2012). In this era, I believe most teenage (especially male), prefer to play video game with their computer, phone and game consoles. Besides that, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB used and applies PlayStation Certified and install into Sony Xperia S (Bell, 2012).

The role of PlayStation Certified inside the Sony Xperia S is showing out the fantastic HD game display and able to connect to television and enjoy a wide range of games on the big screen. Meanwhile, PlayStation certified also able to receive 3D games and high graphic game like Need for Speed Shift by EA (Bell, 2012). Moreover, PlayStation Certified inside the Sony Xperia S are being a lot of convenient to me, because I can save more money to buy Play Station 2 or Play Station 3 and CD game. Besides that, I can free download some of game via internet. Following figure 4.1 shows the Sony Xperia S possesses PlayStation Certified.

Figure 4.1

Besides that, I believe many of consumers same as me prefer high-definition display on their own mobile phone. Meanwhile, Sony Xperia S possesses 342 pixels per inch and 4.3″ screen with Mobile BRAVIA Engine to present out the performance of extremely sharp images and HD screen (Savov, 2012). Mobile BRAVIA Engine also able to present out more than 16 million colors, in order to the video games, picture or images and video display present more clearly with high performance detail. This Mobile BRAVIA Engine is to fulfill consumers, who like to seek for ultimate visual crispness (Savov, 2012). Meanwhile, I feel that, Sony Xperia S’s screen is clearly than Iphone and Samsung galaxy’s screen. Following figure 4.2 shows the screen performance of Mobile BRAVIA Engine. Figure 4.2

Furthermore, I am most satisfying in Sony Xperia S HD Video playback, because I like recording video with clear graphics in the celebration of birthday with friends and family or other interesting of event (Lavelle, 2012). When I playback any of the video, it is able to play in HD videos and streaming, because Sony Xperia S possesses HD video recording and can be done at 1080p and 30 fps. Besides that, Sony Xperia S having a great HD Video playback means having a great deep impression for me (Lavelle, 2012). Following figure 4.3 shows the performance of HD Video playback.

Figure 4.3

Besides that, I also prefer to use Sony Xperia S to capture any picture and scenery, because Sony Xperia S camera features an impressive 12 MP camera that can take pictures with HD clarity (Lavelle, 2012). After pictures is taken, Sony Xperia S able to improve the image quality. Sony Xperia S also possesses ready to shoot in short order, it mean that, Sony Xperia S able to take 2 or 3 picture in one second (Warman, 2012). Furthermore, I were pleasantly surprised during under bright conditions, Sony Xperia S’s Exmor R sensor will automatically focus in bright conditions to capture out a picture still in great clarity (Diangson, 2012 ).

Refer to figure 4.4 Sony Xperia S’s camera also possesses special features like a self timer, autofocus, scene recognition and 3D sweep panorama to view picture on the multi-angle 3D display (Savov, 2012). Following figure 4.5shows the performance of capture image. When I compare Sony Xperia S and Iphone, I feel that Iphone are possess seldom features. For example, Iphone not provide landscape mode, night scene mode, and beach or snow mode.

Figure 4.4

Figure 4.5

Lastly, I also like android application system in Sony Xperia S, because it’s convenient to me download any apps like games, entertainment, news, music, media and video via android. Besides that, most apps are free download like angry bird, temple run and draw something. Moreover, all the android apps are easy to download, high speed, convenient and download according to your tastes (Diangson, 2012 ). Furthermore, it helps me done the work early, save time, and many of apps to fulfill me. Following figure 4.6 shows the Sony Xperia S using android application system.

Figure 4.6

5.0 Consumer behavior theory that relevant to my purchasing

The first theory was influence me with Sony Xperia S is opinion leadership. The definition of opinion leadership is a one person influence and persuades the buying behavior of others. After that, I felt the celebrities or spokespeople influence and persuade me to purchasing Sony Xperia S is Daniel Craig, who is the character of James Bond in 007 movie and Skyfall movie. Opinion leadership theory that linked to me is high esteem by those that accept Daniel Craig opinions. High esteem will give me a boost of strong confidence, because Daniel Craig in character of James Bond is a strong man and smart. Daniel Craig is a main Sony’s consumer innovator. Following figure 5.1 shows the Daniel Craig represent Sony smartphone.

Figure 5.1

The second theory I was learn is learning theory. Learning theory is a model of psychology that explains human learning about purchase product or service, gain wisdom and experience for future use. I felt my mind just only focus on Sony Xperia S, because I believe everybody same as me know Sony products is reliable and famous brand in global’s electronic product. The learning theory that linked to me is knowledge. Knowledge will improve my wisdom. Besides that, that, more Sony’s product advancement, more knowledge and experience I received. Following figure 5.2 shows the famous brand name Sony.

Figure 5.2

The third theory was involving Sony Xperia S and me is perception. The definition of perception is the process of acquiring, selecting, interpreting and organizing sensory information. I felt all Sony products like Sony Xperia S was attracted me to purchase, when I watched Sony Xperia S advertisement. Perception theory that linked to me is sensation. A good Sony Xperia S advertisement, influence me to buy and try Sony Xperia S. Furthermore, information inputs also involve in my sensation. For example, sight, hearing and touch. When I sight on Sony Xperia S advertisement and I felt that, Sony Xperia S is a new product. Moreover, when I hear introduction of Sony Xperia S and I felt that, Sony Xperia S is a good specification smartphone. Lastly, when I go to Sony shop and I try to touch Sony Xperia S and I felt that, Sony Xperia S is a high quality smartphone. Following figure 5.3 shows Sony Xperia S’s advertisement poster.

Figure 5.3

The fourth theory was involving Sony Xperia S and me is personality. Personality is a set of internal traits and distinct behavioral tendencies that result in consistent patterns of behavior in certain situation. I felt my personality is just only like Sony product, because I’m also a Sony’s fans. Personality theory that linked to me is self-concept. Self – concept give me a boost of decision making, because I will follow my personality to make a decision. For example, I see most of my friend like to use Iphone, but I want to different with them, so I decide to choose Sony Xperia S. Besides that, I like android application system more than apple store application system. Following figure 5.4 shows android application system available in Sony Xperia S.

Figure 5.4

The last theory was involving Sony Xperia S and me is reference group. The definition of reference group is individual identifies with the group to the extent that he takes on many of the values, attitudes or behaviors of the group members. Reference group theory that linked to me is families and friends. Families are a one group influences me to choose Sony Xperia S, because my father and mother also like to use Sony’s product. For example, my mother always buys Sony’s music speaker and my father like to use Sony’s laptop. Besides that, friends also influence me, because most of my friends like to purchase Sony walkman, Sony camera, and Sony laptop. When having this reference group, I prefer to follow brands that my families and friends choose.


In conclusion, Sony Xperia S is a great smartphone for us, because Sony Xperia S provides a lot of convenience to us. For example, improve our standard of living, save time, and solve a lot of problem. Besides that, several different type of consumer behavior theory related Sony Xperia S and me. Each type of consumer behavior theory will explain and describe the definition. Meanwhile, consumer behavior is related with our human life, and human’s perception. Moreover, different people have a different type of personal behavior.

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