Consumer Behavior Essay

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Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior focuses on how individuals make decisions to spend their available resources. Companies have to know how to market their product in all different target group and cultural markets. Marketers need to know and understand everything they can about their customers, existing, and possible prospects, their personal and group influences, and how it will impact their bottom line.

After reviewing table 12. 2 on the top 25 U. S. Hispanic markets, I noticed tht the largest population of Hispanics are in the Texas area. Measuring consumer learning in this table shows that the Hispanic culture percentage is mainly on the west side of the United States stretching from Texas to California, so marketing must display their products in some Spanish advertising. Table 12. 3 Traditional Character tics of the Hispanic American Market showed me that Spanish shoppers are more consequence when it comes to spending, and will stick with their brand loyalty.

The trend and impact of the consumers in this table are fashion conscious, and buy brands that ar4e advertised by their ethical group stores (Schiffman G. & Kanuk, L. 2009). Table 12. 4, Ways in Which “Hispanic” Has Been Defined, helped me to see how marketers should target each Hispanic American market separately. In this table, recognizing how consumers learn and assimilate information is important because you have several different country of origins to market a product.

Table 12. 5 Demographic Characteristics of U. S. Hispanic Ethnicity Types data is important because of the different groups that marketers have to target. It helps companies determine the identity to wht segment market each Hispanic family falls under. For example, there maybe weak Hispanic segment exhibits, and low ethnic identity, so why should companies market in these areas that have little to do with determining a consumer media behavior.

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