Consumer and supplier relationships in Internet

The Internet is one of the great developments of human kind. Go along with the advancement of science and technology, Internet altered the face of the world. Specifically, in service, Internet plays a vital role because it connects all aspects to create the success of business. Web links consumers and suppliers into the stable and mutual advantage’s relationship. To start with, Internet alters the relationship between consumers and suppliers from indirect to direct. It assists to remove the “middle– male” to link directly the customers and suppliers.

In the past, there was only method to buy a product that clients went to the store, where they have agreement with the suppliers to provide products for them. Therefore, consumers and providers never met together in the real meaning. This process increased a lot of expenses.

Nevertheless, when Internet developed, clients and suppliers have chances to fulfill together. To purchase the stuff, customers can buy directly from providers through Web. By this way, not only does the cost reduction, however likewise the cost is more affordable.

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The advantage of Web developed the development and development of E-commerce and net marketplace. According to page 373 in the textbook, “online customer sales grew to an estimated $362 billion in 2012, an increase of more than 15 percent over 2010 (consisting of travel services and digital downloads), with 150 million people purchasing online and an extra 34 million shopping and gathering info however not buying” (Laudon, K., & & Laudon, J., 2014). Second of all, once Web developed, the relationship in between consumers and providers is push to improve to the partner relationship.

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Customer became the partner of supplier. The position of both customers and suppliers are equal. Customers don’t depend on the supplier; in contrast, they are more powerful in choosing their suitable suppliers. Thirdly, it increases the satisfaction and quality of customer service. Nowadays, purchasing and exchanging became easier than ever. To attract customers, suppliers have to take care of their customer’s demand and tend to satisfy it because customers have a lot of choices among a thousand of sellers. Customers can take advantage of price, quality as well as model of product. Thus, to make this relationship become a long term collaboration, besides the diversification of products, suppliers must focus on their service to keep their customers closer.


Laudon, K., & Laudon, J. (2014). Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm (13 Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.

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Consumer and supplier relationships in Internet

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