Consulting Essay Topics

“When will you come to install the dish?”

Problem: In the Mexican culture, “tomorrow” in Spanish simply means “not today. ” It does not literally mean the next day. Most non-Mexicans will not understand that even if they speak Spanish. Also, many non-Mexicans will assume that they can circumvent the problem by arranging an exact day and time for the installation/appointment to take… View Article

Responsibility for employees

I and two other individuals have agreed to start a business that will provide management consulting services to nonprofit organizations. Because of the increased scrutiny on actions of corporations and those who act on behalf of organizations, we have determined that it would be essential to have our ethics program developed before we start offering… View Article

McKinsey Case Study Analysis

This paper applies the management by objective (MBO) philosophy of Peter Drucker to the case study analysis of McKinsey and Company (McKinsey). Founded in 1926 by James “Mac” McKinsey, a University of Chicago professor, the firm started as an accounting and engineering consultancy agency, which experienced rapid growth. This paper is a plan that outlines… View Article

Skills Assessment Summary and Matrix

A skills assessment was conducted on Team B. Team members worked together in indentifying their respective skills and developed a matrix table to understand the team’s strengths and weaknesses. In performing the skills assessment a diverse mix of skills were identified that include case management, case planning, client services, assessment advocacy, research and information gathering… View Article