Consultant Essay Topics

Kenworth Motors

Based on the information given in the case the OD consultant did not prepare for the meeting as he should have. He had no in depth knowledge of Kenworth Motors, its operations and even less of Mr. Robert Denton (the plant manager). In addition of having no knowledge of this potential new customer, the consultant… View Article

Consultant and possesses

I have a friend working in the same organisation where I am working. He was a management consultant and possesses a vast experience in meeting various kinds of people coming from different organisations and possessing different kinds of skills. His experiences have made him a very interesting person and I generally do enjoy spending time… View Article

Skills Assessment Summary and Matrix

A skills assessment was conducted on Team B. Team members worked together in indentifying their respective skills and developed a matrix table to understand the team’s strengths and weaknesses. In performing the skills assessment a diverse mix of skills were identified that include case management, case planning, client services, assessment advocacy, research and information gathering… View Article