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Constructive style

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (689 words)
Categories: Interpersonal relationship, Personality, Psychology, Relationship
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I was kind of surprised I ranked a medium in the “constructive style” because, I treat others as equals and I feel that I deal with conflict effectively. I do understand there are areas that I need to work on to become successful in my career. I tend to be more effective and comfortable once I get t know others. I convey my liking for people because I am thoughtful and considerate of others feelings.

Being this way, has worked in my favor throughout my career. I know that I also have to work on building strong business relationships in order t have better business connections and better business networking.

My regulator style ranked a 97th percentile. I feel that this is totally describing me. Rules are written for a reason and if we have to change the rules for one person than you will have to do it for all. My score for “passive/defensive styles” which include avoider, insulator, regulator, and accommodator ranked in the high percentile.

At first, I was kind of disappointed that I scored high in this style. However, this will put me at a disadvantage as I start pursuing towards the destructive direction since it denies me the opportunity to contribute my own views and gain acceptance.

I feel at times I accommodate myself at the approval of others. Like for example, I may act differently around certain people then I would around people I feel comfortable around. I also try to maintain a sense of peace and try to smooth over any differences that the group or peers may have. I can honestly say that I try to stay away from any and every conflict if possible. My score for “aggressive/defensive style” which includes escalator, dominator, competitor, and perfectionist ranked medium/low. The escalator style I scored in the 97th percentile.

I wasn’t surprised at my ranking in this field. Growing up I was spoiled as a child and I always got what I wanted. When conflicts do arise I always get very upset at first and think it’s a personal attack against me. It does have affect on my personal relationship with my boyfriend when we get into arguments. I always try to find a way to turn the argument around to make myself look good but I know this is unfortunately self defeating. I know this is probably my biggest downfall among other but I know I can improve on this in order to become successful.

I didn’t score to low in the competitor field. I do see winning as an opportunity for growth and development in the business world. In my eyes, winning shows a since of respect and people will get to like you. I know this isn’t always a good thing because winning isn’t always important you can upset other people if that is your only goal. I believe that my personality is a reflection of how I was raised as a child. My parents took the time to motivate me to be the best and work hard in anything I do. I was raised with respectful values of life.

Once I became an adult, those values and skills my parents instilled in me has paid off thru my work skills. Taking this LSI survey has really made me realize things I didn’t even realize before. When you see yourself on paper it puts a different perspective in your eyes. The survey has highlighted my strengths and weaknesses. There were a lot of things that were brought to my attention that I never really thought about. With the help of this survey, it has made me see what I need to work on, build upon, and improve upon.

Not only this assignment, but the course itself has motivated me to utilize my traits to develop my relationships, career, professional, and personal lifestyle while continuing to direct myself on the right road to success. References: Folger, J. P. , M. S. Poole, & Randall K. Stutman. Working Through Conflict: Strategies for Relationships, Groups, and Organizations, (6th Edition). Pearson, Allyn and Bacon: 2009. http://www. colorfulleadership. info/papers/conflict. htm http://www. survey-server2. com/lsiconflictuniversity-sso/rpt7. asp

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