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Essay on Construction

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End plate connection Steel beam to steel column

The first major problem associated with the End plate connection (Steel beam to steel column) is that it is susceptible to corrosion. If nothing is done, corrosion hugely affects the strength and durability of the end plate connection. Moreover, the strength of any steel structure can be negati8vely affected if it is exposed to too much heat (Wagner,1993). The general maintenance carrie...

Primary Goal of The Experiment - Beam Deflection

Overall, both experiments were effective in validating the primary trends within the derived theoretical equations. The experiment also accomplished the goal of experimentally determining the structural stiffness of aluminum and steel beams given a specific geometry. Though the lab was rather repetitive, it proved to be a simple and great way of supporting some of the theories and techniques acqui...

Feasibility and Economic Justification

While it may not exactly be the same for the current facility being considered, it is already enough for the purpose of assessing the projected costs of these three. It should be noted that for real estate, it is now easier to check the prices since the market price for real estate properties are readily made available through the real estate companies or can be obtained through the government age...

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Disadvantages of Dams

For example, the building of the Aswan Dam in Egypt has altered the level of the water table. This is slowly leading to damage of many of its ancient monuments as salts and destructive minerals are deposited in the stone work from 'rising damp' caused by the changing water table level Hydropower dams can damage the surrounding environment and alter the quality of the water by creating low dissolve...

The Types Of Building Admixtures

In conclusion, in order to avoid problems due to the misuse of admixtures, my proposed solution is that there must be strict regulations that forces every ready-mix concrete factory to examine their materials, by the continuous supervision of the designated authorities. Every ready-mix concrete factory must have a lab within it in order to test the materials, for example making tests for the densi...

Aesthetic Critique of The Midland Bridge

The whole bridge body is painted in light grey so that the steel bridge looks not that heavy the handrail and the safety rail in the deck is portrayed to the black so the drivers can easily be defined and avoid attack the people walk at the side. The road is in dark color. When lights shining on the bridge a more subtle effect is possible if one uses shadows the lighting gives the impression of mo...

Dune Buggies: Rebuilding the Craze

It is considerably lightweight with better tires and lighter body structure (Webster). The influence of Meyers Manx has reached as far as Europe. This buggy which can travel even through the desert dunes is designed in such a way that even the youth would enjoy riding on it. It has been especially designed as off-road vehicle; but many were more astonished by its ability after winning the Mexican ...

Paper helicopter

Another dangerous factor would be making sure that I am not near the edge of the work surface because that could lead to the most dangerous fall, which can result into very harmful pain and in some circumstances, fatal injury. One of the minor precautions would be to ensure I use the scissors properly so I don't cut myself with the scissors will removing the helicopter from the template but more i...

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