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Civil engineering design Construction and Maintance

The work of civil engineers shows up across the environment we reside in. The main purpose of this essay is to help trainees have a better understanding of the civil engineering as a scientific field. In this essay I will make an analysis of civil engineering significance and the specifics of civil engineering in all aspects. I will particularly analyze civil engineering at Michigan State University and the courses required in this significant. I will likewise make an analysis of…...

End plate connection Steel beam to steel column

Introduction        An end plate connection (Steel beam to steel column) is a type of connection used in steel structures. In this type of steel connection, a piece of steel known as the end plate is fixed onto a column and a steel beam is bolted to it. This type of connection is mainly used in purely steel structures. The end plate can either be fixed onto the column using bolts or it can also be welded (Wagner,…...

Primary Goal of The Experiment - Beam Deflection

Summary The primary goal of the experiment was to determine the structural stiffness of two cantilevered beams composed of steel and aluminum while maintaining both beams at a constant thickness and cross sectional area. The experiment also investigated material properties and dimensions and their relationship to structural stiffness. The experiment was divided into two separate parts. The results for the first part of the experiment were obtained by clamping the beam at one end while applying different masses at a…...

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Regency Plaza Case Study - Risk Management Process, Review of the Options

3. Risk Management Process of the Regency Plaza Project Regency Plaza is a mixed-use multi million US dollar project carrying quite high stakes. So the risks of it should be evaluated beforehand and managed well in order to make sure that the project wouldn’t over run budget or time and end with a successful result. Here we use the “Four Stage Risk Management Process” to evaluate the risk management happened in Regency Plaza project. 3.1 Risk Identification Evaluation: how well…...

Social Construction

Social Construction of Self: Observational Essay Social constructionists believe that a great deal, if not all, of our lived experience and the world we inhabit is socially constructed (Hacking, 1999). Social constructionism is a postmodern theory suggesting that there are no universal truths because people continually construct knowledge based on their individual and cultural experiences (Burton, Westen, & Kowalski, 2009). In their daily life, a person makes sense of the world around them, gives it meaning and interacts on the basis of these meanings (Jorgensen,…...

The Use of Waste Glass as Construction Material

Introduction Waste glass is of great concern in some developed countries, particularly in the urban areas. This is because of the amount of waste material generated from both municipal and construction sources, and the lack of waste disposal areas to receive the material. Countries like Japan, the United States of America, and Australia have taken the initiative to invest in the recycling of glass in order to mitigate the ever increasing amount of waste glass generated over the years. 1.1…...

Science and materials in construction and the built in environment

P1) Describe the standard aspects in basic clinical terms that affects human convenience in the internal environment - Air temperature-- Heat too hot too cold - Lighting-- Too dim inadequate daytime - Noise-- Discomfort of hearing - Air quality-- Too stuffy, ventilation P2) Explain how each element is determined - Air temperature-- Celsius Appropriate level 33 C. - Lighting-- Lux Appropriate level 100 (lx) Colour performance (80 lx is considered appropriate for residential applications) . - Sound-- Db Appropriate level…...

The Golden Bear after Initial Public Offer

Introduction This paper discusses the Golden Bear Golf Inc after Initial Public Offer in 1991, highlighting the accounting practices and methods were used in recognizing the company’s revenue. This paper explains the fraud occurred in recognizing the revenue and how it overstated the financial statements and increased the stock price. It also explains the fraud theory applied to the revenue recognition and the auditor’s failure in discovering the fraud and reports it to the SEC. This paper will provide methods…...

Building a High Performance Project Team

In order to deliver a high-quality project [one that successfully balances scope, time, and cost] in which the needs and expectations of the users are met, the project team must not only be effective and work well together, but also the project manager must have the ability to lead and manage the team while focusing on people issues. This is often a difficult task since many project mangers are usually expected to lead teams without formal authority. Controlling a project…...

Task dependencies in developing project network diagram

In assessing the impact of constraints on determining task dependencies for development of a project network diagram, it is pertinent to understand the terms as used in relation to project life cycle. Project Diagram: ‘A pictorial representation of the sequence in which project work can be done’ (Wysocki, 2012). Verillon Advisory noted that the visual presentation (graphically) of all tasks in the project, or one of the workstreams of a project, and their relation to each other creates the project…...

Project Management Life Cycle

4 Actions of Job Management Life Cycle Job Management Life Cycle is a separation for a task. According to Ms. Cui's research, supervisors can separate an entire project to some steps and link those actions with task operation; the sum of all those steps are task management life process (Cui, 2011). There are four parts in task management life cycle, which are time requirement, job stages, project task and project result. Usually, due to the fact that the unpredictability of…...

Foreign worker in malaysia

The presence of foreign workers is one of the most critical issues facing the Malaysian construction market, as the increasing construction work which requires significant man-power. Most of the workers come from neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam and India. What causes the increasing numbers foreign workers in the construction sites? The causes for the influx of foreign workers in Malaysia is the locals prefer to work in the office, lack of opportunity for career…...

The Vasa Case Study

Question 5 Was this truly a disaster? What lessons can be learned from this case and similar disasters, particularly regarding the importance of such “human factors” as courage, truthfulness, and open communication? The Vasa was built as a symbol of Sweden’s naval supremacy. Unequalled in size, ornamentation and firepower, the Vasa was intended to project might and to intimidate the nation’s enemies. Of course, the reality of Sweden’s many conquests in the Baltic region was not lost on its enemies.…...

National building code

This part of the Code deals with safety from fire. It specifies the demarcation of fire zones, restrictions on construction of buildings in each fire zone, classification of buildings based on occupancy, types of building construction according to fire resistance of the structural and non-structural components and other restrictions and requirements necessary to minimise danger to life from fire, smoke, fumes or panic before the buildings can be evacuated. The Code recognizes that safety of life is more than a…...

Ready-Mix Plaster Comparison

Ready-Mix Spray Plasters are a rapid, cost-effective alternative to traditional (manually mixed & manually applied) plaster for finishing external & internals walls and ceilings. They are formulated for machine application on fast-track & quality building projects. They are supplied as “dry pre-mixed” to the correct consistency for spray application by Plaster Machines. Ready-Mix Spray plastering has been used in Europe, UK, Far-East for many years and is quickly becoming a widespread alternative to traditional plastering due to both it’s economic…...

Safety on a construction site

Each year, there are thousands of injuries and triple-digit numbers of fatal accidents related to machine and equipment operation. A lot of these accidents involve the operator, but over half involve people on the ground - spotters, co-workers, laborers, shovel hands, passers-by and sidewalk superintendents who get too close. And because of the forces and physics involved, these are usually not first-aid injuries; there is often an ambulance and sometimes a coroner called to the jobsite. Road Construction Safety[edit] The…...

Traditional Project Delivery Method

The level of documentation available before contracts are entered. The difficulty of meeting at a contract price. The lender’s preference (to protect their investment). After thorough comparisons of various project delivery methods such as the traditional method, design and construct method and in house development method I came to the conclusion the best option would be the traditional method of project delivery. Traditional project delivery is the most frequently used method for construction projects. Using this method, the owner, designer…...

Reynolds Construction Case Study

1. Ben Lawson’s Custom Fabricators, Inc., creates value for Orleans by making the custom control panel for the elevators. Later on, the business has grown bigger. Ben’s company provides special brackets and panels for the plant. Since “outsourcing”, Ben also makes the entire control panel, complete with the buttons and the wiring harness. 2. Ben Lawson has some big competitive advantages in keeping the Orleans business. They have been working together for a long time so Ben‘s company could easily…...

Project Risk Management Plan

The function of the risk management plan is to determine any occasion or condition that may occur which could have a positive or unfavorable affect on the job. Dangers management is the procedure of recognizing, assessing, reacting to, tracking, and reporting risks. The Risks Management Plan will define how dangers associated with the Baderman Island Casino Hotel project will be recognized, examined, and handled. The strategy will outline how dangers management activities will be carried out, tape-recorded, and kept an…...

Project Management Research Paper

The common measure of all successful projects is the capability and quality of its job managing mechanism. Project management is the discipline that integrates various processes towards the achievement of particular goals and deliverables. This discipline is founded under the property that all tasks are special, and no two are ever the very same. Handling the efforts of those individuals involved requires a good deal of coordination, company, and a forward believing concentrate on the project's unbiased [s] Facilitating an…...

Project Firecracker Case Study

The project failed due to three main reasons that reinforced the negative impact of one another: Poor communication There was a poor coordination between individuals. One example was the situation where Waldo and Wolinski took decisions individually without consulting the other members. In fact, the first informed Jeff that he was changing the design while the second one announced that sales had promised to deliver a test order that no one could even describe yet. Another example was when Jack…...

Case Study: Lakes Automotive

1. How do companies combine methodologies? Answer: Companies combine methodologies by conducting research to determine the fastest and most cost effective method to move product and satisfy the customer; criticizing both advantages and disadvantages; asking for the opinions of the employees and managers, and/or deciding which phase the company is willing to keep. 2. How do you get employees to change work habits that have proven to be successful? Answer: In order to get employees to change work habits that have…...

Lafarge Tarmac Company

Task One Strategic context of Lafarge Tarmac - Introduction When it comes to the construction business there are two main things that come in mind noise and risks along with the high costs and professional skills. However there are some construction companies in the world that are committed to their work so much that they have found a way to do the construction in a sustainable and environmental friendly way. United Kingdom is one of finest constructed countries in the…...

Real Estate (Porter's 5 Forces)

Introduction What can we do to ensure the business keeps running? That’s a question everyone wonders. Insurance for life time of existence is hard to get, but companies can use many strategies to last longer and maybe lead in their industry. This paper conveys the analysis of Porter’s 5 forces on the real estate industry. The results of this research will help any party in the real estate industry, developer, broker, or agent be aware of the surrounding environment, and…...

American Colonial Period

THE AMERICAN COLONIAL AND CONTEMPORARY TRADITIONS The American tradition in Philippine architecture covers the period from 1898 to the present, and encompasses all architectural styles, such as the European styles, which came into the Philippines during the American colonial period. This tradition is represented by churches, schoolhouses, hospitals, government office buildings, commercial office buildings, department stores, hotels, movie houses, theaters, clubhouses, supermarkets, sports facilities, bridges, malls, and high-rise buildings. New forms of residential architecture emerged in the tsalet, the two-story…...

Advertising and the construction of Violent White Masculinity

The article "Advertising and the construction of Violent White Masculinity" points to the controversy of violence and media. It emphasizes that the mainstream debate about media and violence does not emphasis or analyze the most important aspect, namely gender. Katz states that the media illustrates a wrong image of individuals committing crime by calling them 'youth' crimes or 'kids' love. He believes however that the reason why crime is committed 90% by males is due to the masculinity emphasized in…...

Strict vs. Loose construction

In the early days of the United States of America when the country was beginning to grow under the newly ratified Constitution, there were two main political parties in existence, the Federalists and the Jeffersonian Republicans. From the time period of 1801-1817, the two presidents that were elected to rule the U.S. were Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Both Jefferson and Madison were Jeffersonian Republicans who were characterized as strict-constructionists in respect to the federal constitution before they each took…...

News: Reflection or Construction of Reality?

It is tough for news, in any type, to be a true reflection of reality, due to the lots of aspects associated with the production of news. Human error, human interest and the fallacies of management all conspire to blur the line between fact and fiction. Potter (1998) mentioned that news is not something that occurs; instead, news is what gets provided. We almost never ever see news occasions as they occur. Rather, we are shown the medias produced construction…...

Behavioral Aspects of Project Management

Organizational culture can influence the overall success of a project. Unfortunately, in the given scenario the project is both behind schedule and over budget. Several key team members left in disgust and the morale of the remaining team is low and they fear they will be doing extra work without compensation. In this scenario project leadership is essential to the projects success. This project team needs a leader who can not only get this project back on track but can…...

Research proposal for Risk Management

Introduction: The increasing pace of change, customer demands and market globalization all put risk management high on the agenda for forward thinking companies. Risks cause cost overrun and schedule delay in many projects. The effectiveness of risk management becomes an important issue in project management. To make risk management more efficient and effective, all parties must understand risk responsibilities, risk event conditions, risk preference, and risk management capabilities (Wehrung et al. 1988; Al-Bahar and Crandall 1990) Different parties involved in…...

The Social Construction of Gender and Sexuality

According to Johnny Dam, "Masculinity is what you think it to be ... [it is] all by understanding, [I believe] masculinity and womanhood is something that is extremely old-fashioned ... [there is a] whole new generation of people who aren't defined by their race or their sex or who they like to sleep with." This statement exhibits the definition of gender as a concept; gender is the expectations of a sex according to the culture of society. Sexuality, within this…...

Scope Creep Project Management

1 1. INTRODUCTION 2 The concept of project scope may be one of the most ample in project management. It involves objectives, limits and intentions. Every requirement in a project as well as its characteristics must be dealt with when planning the scope. Even though it's reasonable to say that every project is unique, the causes for which it fails are generally the same. And if you already know what these causes are, you can minimize the likelihood of problems…...

Green Computing Research Project

Introduction: Currently many organizations are depending upon the computing environment to manage the process within the work place and become stabilized across different market group. Although most of them are not aware how far the computing environment is impacting the outer area but still to fulfill the requirements it is very much essential for them to go for it. Keeping these things in mind, we have come up with a new project called “Green Computing Research Project” that mainly aims…...

Do We Learn from our Mistakes?

Architecturally speaking, I think we learn very little from our mistakes, as there are so many thousands of mistakes to make in architecture without repeating a single one. A child may learn not to touch a hot stove, but that is because the child receives an immediate response for doing so. This is not true with the mistakes we make as architects. Sometimes years go by before we learn the results of our errors; mostly our ethical errors. Most of…...

Moss and McAdams Accounting Firm

1. At the end of the case if you were Palmer, how would you respond? It was clear from the beginning everyone involved could have handled things more professionally in order to maximize time, and resources while maintaining a healthy and productive work environment for all employees. From the start of the project it was evident that Olds knowledge and skills were definitely in demand. Because his expertise was so in demand, when met with an organizational structure that had…...

A project of constructing the Greendale Baseball Stadium

The purpose of defining this project is to make the deliverables of the project clear to the client and to place more focus on project plans. Project Objective Firstly, the objective of this project is to construct the Greendale Baseball Stadium no later than the 20th of May and possibly to net as much as $2 million on the project. Deliverables Over the course of this project, key deliverables must be highlighted to organize the expected outputs that would eventually…...

The Oval Temple at Khafaje

"Discuss critically important architectural principles and urban layouts in Mesopotamia between 4th and 2nd millennia B. C. , citing specifically The Oval Temple at Khafaje. Furthermore, consider how the cultural values of the Protoliterate period were reflected in the architecture and spatial qualities of the time and site. " Corresponding to modern-day Iraq, the north eastern section of Syria and to a lesser extent south eastern Turkey and smaller parts of south western Iran, Mesopotamia situated between the Tigris and…...

Project Success Factors

The research on project management has been studied for decades. Many scholars and managers put great efforts into finding out what can influence project success. Through their continuing work and precious experiences, what factors dominate the success of projects is well documented in literature. The use of these guide texts can help project managers to deal with difficult tasks. Moreover, it is unanimous consensus that project critical success factors are necessary for management team to achieve project objectives and ensure…...

Project Oversight

Introduction We will take a look at the oversight in my organizations process in task management. Although we have specific procedures and procedures in which we use I will incorporation task oversight in those areas. One procedure that stands out for my company is called "Post Mortem", this is a process that the executive branch utilizes on closure of jobs or jobs. Post Mortem is where the supervisor of that department would files issues with the process, how the ball…...

Social Constructionism

Social constructionism functions as a meta-theory of knowledge that crosses many disciplinary boundaries. It focuses on human meaning making as the primary focus of psychological enquiry. Furthermore, social constructionism rejects essentialism and demonstrates that objective knowledge is historically and culturally contingent, thus allowing an understanding of multiple and alternative ways of thinking. Constructionist psychologies have different theoretical and historical ancestries. Accordingly, they have had a lesser impact on psychology than other movements such as radical behaviourism and cognitive and humanistic…...

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