Consistency concerning Essay

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Consistency concerning

In my StrengthsFinder 2. 0 evaluation, I found a lot of patterns about myself which I believe to be true. My top five themes are Consistency, Relator, Arranger, Harmony, and Significance. Since I am an extrovert, I find the description under Consistency concerning the need to treat people equally to be especially true. I enjoy being around a lot of people, especially a large group of friends and I enjoy doing group projects and find them to be completed much more efficiently than if I was doing them by myself and alone.

In fact, since I am good at delegating tasks, I find that group projects can be completed far more efficiently if I am in the role as leader. In this way, I can treat everyone equally and be especially fair in equal task performance. Also, since I feel comfortable making sure everyone is treated fairly, I tend to notice when people are being treated with bias. Being a Relator definitely ties in with my extroversion. I love people and I love being around people.

I identify with the characteristics described in my Relator profile, because I really do enjoy getting close to people and I tend to spend a lot of time focusing on personal intimate activities which would help us share closer bonds. In fact, one of my driving forces is to develop air-tight relationships with my friends and lifelong bonds. I am still close friends with people I knew in grade school, and I tend to strive toward that goal with others even today.

The Arranger theme specifies that not only am I an organizer, but that I have the flexibility to arrange all of the pieces of my life for maximum potential. I especially find this to be so during a group activity. Rather than delineating tasks to random people, I enjoy knowing and applying their different strengths to each task. I tend to categorize people and specify tasks to order, so that everyone is not only doing something which they are good at, but which they also enjoy.

I feel that this builds a group focus, where everyone is appreciated for their strengths and where everyone gets an equal voice. I enjoy building group harmony, so that we can grow together, rather than away from each other and separately. This kind of leads into the next strength I have: Harmony. Not only do I enjoy a wide variety of people, but I really enjoy finding common ground between them and mixing them together. In fact, I get a real kick out of making friends between two people who ordinarily would never cross paths.

I have a little bit of a reputation among my friends as the arbitrator of our groups, because I really like to focus on how we can all just along peaceably and enjoyably. Though it may seem like I enjoy conflict because I am constantly putting widely different people together, the truth is, I only enjoy doing this if I believe that I can bring some balance between them and if I think that they have enough in common to get along.

My category of Significance: This leads back to my extroversion and leadership roles among groups. I enjoy taking credit for a job well done, and even though I enjoy for everyone to get equal credit, I really like being the center of the spotlight sometimes. Also, because I am so often around a group of people, one of the ways I enjoy gaining and retaining significance is by being the arbitrator between people. I enjoy it when other people ask me for advice and help with their personal or social problems.

Not only do I feel qualified and adept at handling these problems, but I get a rush from being the one who they ask to assist them. I like being the one who everyone runs to for help, I guess because I feel needed and wanted, and also because it means that my attempts to draw closer to their personal lives were successful. I feel like I am an accepted part of the group if I remain qualified to help each individual with their lives.

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