Connecting Superstition From Macbeth to Modern Day Society Essay

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Connecting Superstition From Macbeth to Modern Day Society

Macbeth, a play written by William Shakespeare, it is one of his more dark and sinister pieces. Even so, the multiple themes that Shakespeare incorporated into his play can be found in modern day society. Superstition, one of his many themes, is present even in the twenty-first century. Many people now believe in UFO’s (unidentified flying objects) coming to overrun our planet, the illuminati a group of influential and powerful people trying to take over the United Nations and unesco, along with old wives tales of superstition. Many different people have sited UFO’s all around the world. Some even claim to have been abducted, like Clayton and Donna Lee. They are a married couple living in Houston, Texas, they say that they have been abducted more than once, including an incident where Donna was pregnant and her baby was taken from her.

Not only are UFO’s abducting people but they are also leaving signs in cornfields. A man living in the United Kingdom claims that aliens came over night and left a crop circle in his field, that isn’t all. The following day he caught a glimpse of an alien. No one knows what is to come but the people who have witnessed UFO’s and aliens first hand suspect they are planning to take over the Earth. Furthermore the illuminati want a new world order, where there is one government. There are famous people that are known to have joined the illuminati like late Michael Jackson, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. Before Michael’s death he started to reveal information on the illuminati because he was trying to free himself from their grasp, but by defying his contract he was murdered. You can tell which famous star is apart of the group quite easily.

Their music videos would contain symbols of a triangle with an eye in the middle, like most of Lady Gaga’s videos. Or even by playing some of Beyoncé’s music backwards, you can hear her saying bow down to the devil. To achieve their goal they have pawns that made a deal with the devil in return gained power and wealth. They make their move in the shadows, so they are unnoticed and a step closer to the civilization they want. Along with those two superstitious concepts are old wives tales. Few families have reported about “death knocks”, the family would here three loud knocks, and no one would be at the door. A few days later or even the next day someone in their family will be dead. Many people today believe in signs of what is to come like bad luck if they break a mirror or open an umbrella indoors. In conclusion all of these stories and events are relevant to Macbeth, to prove that a lot of modern day society is
still relatable to old English literature.

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