Confusion misconception Essay

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Confusion misconception

In real life, we encounter many arguments designed to gain our approval. But it is dangerous not to critically analyze these arguments for they may be fallacious. According to “A fallacy is a type of argument that may seem to be correct but which proves upon examination not to be so”( Copi 72). Fallacious arguments can mislead or deceive people into accepting or believing that an idea /opinion is true/correct or an action is right when in fact, they are not.

Ideas/opinions influence our reasoning, that influences our actions, and which in turn directs our destiny. If we have false ideas/opinions then we are more likely to commit wrong actions or give wrong judgment. Therefore, it is important to recognize fallacies for our own sake. On the other hand, knowing fallacies also helps a person how to express his ideas clearly and concisely, having confidence that he was not being misunderstood for he know that what he was trying to say was clearly delivered, having avoided the pitfalls of fallacious reasoning.

It also enhances his skill in using the right terms or language to avoid confusion or misconception ( Copi 72-73 and101). The ability to recognize fallacies makes a person a better thinker for then he will be able to use correct reasoning to weigh the “truthfulness” or “wrongness” of an idea, opinion or action and hence he will be able to avoid the negative consequences associated with erroneous reasoning.

Knowing fallacies therefore, help our thinking abilities, for then it enables a person to “formulate arguments rigorously and to scrutinize them critically” with the use of logic (Copi 101). Part 2. I agree with the author above that it is important to know fallacies for it will help me to be more cautious and critical in evaluating or accepting an opinion /idea thrown in my direction from various sources. It will help me not to be deceived to agree or to commit an act that at first glance may be right but in the end is fatally wrong.

Moreover, I agree with what the author stated that recognizing fallacies makes me a better thinker for, with the use of correct method of reasoning, I will be able to recognize errors in the presentation of arguments. Lastly, I agree with the author’s conclusion that knowing Fallacies enhances my thinking ability for it helps me to be logical, and therefore, not being easily swayed by the opinions of others.

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