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Conflicts in Great Expectations

Don’t know that the police came to ask e own b acksm n to tix their only pair ot handcuffs, and start to ask questions such as “how did they know it was Pip that helped the convict? “) 2. Pip’s convict shows his appreciation for Pip’s loyalty by claiming to have stolen the food and file himself, protecting Pip. 3. The hostility between the two convicts is apparently caused by the first convict trying to get the second convict to the guards, showing he was willing to return to Jail and give up his short lived freedom to do so.

The second convict pleaded that he was minding his own business when the first convict attacked, and would have been murdered if the guards had not shown up. Chapter 6- He Climbed Down the Chimney. (Mr. Pumblechook claims that the only way that the convict could get inside was through the chimney. Pip is the only one who knows this is false, because it was Pip who stole the food and file to give to the criminal.

) 1 . Mr. Pumblechook is Joe’s uncle and, therefore, Pip’s brother-in-law. He gets Pip into Satis House by

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