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Conflict Is an Ever-Present and Ongoing Aspect of People’s Lives Essay

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“Conflict is an ever-present and ongoing aspect of people’s lives” Conflict is a omnipresent part of life regardless of time and place. It has been in our lives ever since the start of our ancestry, where they fight for survival against the wild. Conflict can be as simple as the internal conflict of choosing what we want to have for lunch, It can also be at a large scale like a global war. Without the hardship we and experience we gain from it as an individual, life would be undoubtedly boring and plain.

Individuals wouldn’t be able to learn right from wrong, neither would they experience different situations and learn how to overcome it. Conflict is a fundamental factor of life, it is in books, at work, at school, online and even on the news. Every day we are faced with at least one type of conflict, or at least witness one. Therefore conflict is unavoidable and always present in our paths as we grow from a fetus to the day we pass away.

Protagonists from our favourite novels encounter different hardships as their journey is spilled out onto the pages for us to read and picture their life.

In the famous novel entitled “The Rugmaker Of Mazar-E-Sharif” written by Najaf Mazari and Robert Hillman, illustrates the life of Najaf and how he encounters vary different types of conflict. The moving event of the loss of his father to war, forever traumatises Najaf. We as children are first introduced to our mothers and fathers, causing them to be the closest people we would have in our lives when we are first sent to kindergarten we cry and cry due to the missing warmth and loving grasp of our mothers and fathers.

Now this is only for a day, imagine not seeing one of the people you love most for the rest of your life. That is the pain and horror Najaf goes through as he loses his father. That doesn’t stop Najaf from staying on his feet to look after his family. until he faces the internal battle to decide if he should flee to Australia or stay back. Demonstrating that we face hardship one after another. Creating an endless cycle. All the pre-mentioned events was caused by one of the world’s greatest battle of different beliefs, war. The ongoing war has caused all the devastation for Najaf, forcing him to flee his homeland.

This enhances the factor of conflict being omnipresent and the ongoing fundamental part of any individuals life. Devastating events can occur at any time of our lives. An example of this is the Victorian bushfires. Where you could be out with your family enjoying the hot weather, and all of a sudden a giant blaze of fire is picked up by the wind and surrounds you in matters of seconds. You are trapped and while blinded by the smoke you hear your family screaming and whelping under the loud crackling of bark and the defining blaze. Soon you too are consumed by the giant blaze of fire.

It was unavoidable, you were unaware of the event. Creating grief and pain within others. Proving that one hardship leads to another. Making conflict a endless cycle within our lives. The families who have lost members to the terrifying Victorian bushfires has suffered an unbearable and unimaginable loss. The loss of a loved one, Like Najaf and many other individuals in our society. The one event will continue to haunt the grieving individuals and families. They will remember the ones they lost, they will keep replaying the memories with them and cherish what they have left behind.

This is what conflict sometimes does to us. And it will continue to prance around our lives just like the famous line Justin Timberlake uses in one of his famous songs. “what comes around, goes around” which brings me to the next point. In continuum, Internal conflict is one of the main aspects of hardship we face as humans. Our different believes smothered with the other beliefs from the people we sometimes call bullies. From a young age we can be exposed to bullying. May it be outside on the oval, the playground or even indoors. it is still something we face. t can range from name calling to physically hurting someone.

As humans we like to have power but some of them take it to a whole new level. where they will insult and hurt the people smaller or weaker just for their satisfaction of power. This then causes depressing thoughts within individuals, or even the attempt of suicide. Depressing thoughts are caused by bullying or an devastating event which ultimately lead to the judgement of one self. When someone thinks ‘I am not good enough’ or ‘everyone hates me’ yes it was probably caused by bullying but it had continued to haunt them to create internal conflict.

This is an extreme extent of internal conflict. Another pre-mentioned example of internal conflict is as simple as choosing what we want for lunch. Yes it may sound stupid but we do have a ‘mini brain war’ about what we want for lunch. ultimately showing that hardships are forever in our lives and will continue to stay in our lives. As individuals we face conflict where ever we go. It is in books, at work, at school, online and even on the news. Ultimately meaning it is a omnipresent and a fundamental part of any individuals life.

In other words, ‘ conflict is an ever-present and ongoing aspect of people’s lives’ Najaf experiences the same horrifying pain of losing a loved one as the families from the Victorian bush fires. At the same time they all face internal conflict just like a individual that has experienced bullying, or a teenager thinking of what to buy for lunch from the school canteen but to a greater level. Conflict is unavoidable. It is forever in our lives and will continue to shape us as individuals until we pass away.

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