Conflict in Europe during 1560-1650 Essay

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Conflict in Europe during 1560-1650

Describe Europe during the crisis period of 1560-1650. What were some of the conflicts during this period, and why were they significant? In your opinion, did the Witchcraft Trials play a significant role during this crisis period, and why or why not?

1560-1650 was a period of the Renaissance monarchs’ men who were obsessed with political power. The 2 to 3 percent of nobles lead society, they held important political positions, and serve as the king’s advisers. Large number of unemployed urban population who lived miserable lives is the ones who supported religious reform. With the corruption of the Catholic Church, wars, revolutions, and economic and social crises were produced. These crises were in response to the search for order, and by expending monarchical power satisfied this order.

I cannot decide if Witchcraft Trials played a significant role during this crisis period. It’s definitely a tragic, but only made a change in population, and political influence is uncertain. They targeted women whose actions and behaviors that disturb social norms, usually targeted those who are poor such as, milkmaids, peasant, and servants. More than 75 percent of the accused were single or widowed or over 55 years of age. They pretty much targeted the helpless, tortured them until they cannot take the pain anymore and wanted to die therefore admitting to the practice of witchcraft to stop their suffering. This served no purpose!

But if there was a hidden purpose of men overpowering women, or those who believe in the existence of god against non-believers then that would have played a significant role.

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