Conflict Analysis Essay

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Conflict Analysis

1. Describe a recent conflict situation:

A situation arose when, in my previous position, I was standing in as section manager when my manager then was away. One of the employees had taken off-sick and he was scheduled to do standby for the week. I needed to get somebody to replace him on standby and asked the other two members of the team to fill in. They both refused and n argument broke out between the two, over who was going to complete the standby for the week. They were each convinced that the other person should do it for various reasons. This resulted in conflict and arguments between them.

2. What was the cause

No clear policy or procedure I place to handle such a situation. Unwillingness of team members to compromise.

3. What did you do to resolve the conflict

Called a meeting, explained the situation to both members, ask that they should consider the effects on the team and the company. Explained that while there was no procedure or agreement, the team works towards a common goal. Explored possible solutions and they agreed to share the standby duties between them, on condition there will be a standard agreement for this type of situation.

4. What did you do to make the conflict worse

I said to them that one of them would HAVE to do it and that they must sort it out themselves.

5. How could you have handled it better

Called up a meeting in the first place and explained the situation.

6. Negative outcomes

Arguing and shouting between the members.
Bringing up incidents of the past.
Blaming of the employee who was off sick.

7. Positive results

Highlighting of a situation that was not thought about. Action plan was put in place to create a procedure to handle the situation. When my manager returned to address such a situation, the team agreed that a standby swap would be most suitable. The next scheduled person would take over and the absent person would return and cover that person’s next standby. Members now make the necessary arrangements for standby before planned Leave/training etc.

8. Describe a possible conflict and strategy to prevent/resolve a conflict:

The Department has been restructured

There are 2 employees on standby per week, broken down into the relevant sections. This ensures that even if there is an emergency, there is always someone to cover the plant until a temp standby employee can resume

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