Confidentiality, Multiple Relationships, Conflict of Interest Essay

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Confidentiality, Multiple Relationships, Conflict of Interest

You are a counseling psychologist. One day, a 19 year old daughter had knocked on your office door and asked for some advice. You notice that she is Lily, your nephew. She is almost crying when she entered your room. It is important to note that this nephew of yours had become an intern in your clinic 6 months ago. This made you hesitant to accept her in your counsel. However, you decide to let her in. After some 10 minutes of just crying, she told you that she was raped by her boyfriend one week before that consultation.

Upon hearing that, she urgently told you that you don’t want to tell that to her parents, meaning your sister (you and her mother are sisters). She decided not to pursue any criminal charges against her boyfriend and will just leave and forget the issue. She still loves her boyfriend and decided to stick with him despite the crime. She told you that she only consults you because she just wants someone who is professional that she can share her burden who can guarantee that the secret will not be told on other people.

You suddenly remember that you already met her boyfriend in one family affair. At that time, you have a feeling inside that that guy has some mental abnormality. Subtlety, you are against their relationship. At this moment, you are undecided about the issue. You are unsure if you are going to keep the confidentiality of the case of your client which turned to be a former intern in your clinic and at the same time your nephew.

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