Confession Essay Topics

First Confession Frank O’Connor

In First Confessions Frank O’Connor provides a short story that is narrated in first person by a seven year old boy named Jackie. He is having rough times due to his grandmother and sister, Nora. He starts narrating the vicissitudes he goes through due to the way his grandmother is and his sister’s attitudes towards… View Article

Analysis of Quotation from Scarlet Letter

“After putting her finger in her mouth, with many ungracious refusals to answer good Mr. Wilson’s question, the child finally announced that she had not been made at all, but had been plucked by her mother off the bush of wild roses, that grew by the prison- door.” (Hawthorne, 76) Pearl feels a connection to… View Article

The Count of Monte Cristo Summary

In France during the eighteenth century, Edmond Dantes along with his close friend Fernand Mondego stop in a strange land in search of rescue help for their captain, who has just attained brain fever. They meet Napoleon and ask for medical attention for their captain. Napoleon allows them to stay in his quarters. On the… View Article

Betrayal in the City

In scene 1 in the play Adika was killed during demonstrating, Adika meets his death, he was short four times for standing for the truth and to make matters worse, by a kinsman, they followed him to his grave and desecrated it. The old couple Doga and Nina are murdered in cold blood by Mulili,… View Article