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Condom Manufacturers Essay

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1. The online survey is faster and inexpensive, regardless of sample size; there are no printing, postage, labor, travel or telephone costs. And the answers are more honest than other channels.

2.(1) do you like shopping online?

A. Yes B. No

(2) Do you know where you can get a condom?

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A. Yes B. No

(3) Which place is your prefer for purchasing the condoms?

A. Supermarket B. Vending machine C. Online D. Sex shop E. other place

(4) Do you feel embarrassing or strange feeling when you are buying condoms?

A. Yes B. No

(5) Is it convenient for you when you want to buy condom?

A. Yes B. No

(6) Why do you think it is difficult to obtain a condom?

A. too expensive B. they are sold too far away C. embarrassed D. it is hard to find a good brand

3. In order to know the reason why there are 30% buyers still have some reservations about buying condoms, first of all, we have to use the survey methods of primary research.

Secondly, the motivation research can be used, which consists of projective technique and focus group discussion. We can give some incomplete sentences and ask the research respondent to complete them. Therefore, we can base on the result to analyze the personality and innermost thought of the respondent.

Moreover, observing consumer behavior in the marketplace is another important way to collect market research data. We only record consumer behavior without questioning them and usually without their even being aware of the process. For example, do the buyers read the package? Do they compare prices?

The last method is called experimental research. If Durex Company increase the retail price of a particular product, will that lead to fewer sales in the store? To discover the correlation between these factors, we may conduct an experiment, in which we gather data by manipulating certain factors under tightly controlled conditions to test cause and effect. For example, we can change the price for one group, and observe the effect of that change on anther variable, usually sales. After the data have been collected, the final step is to analysing, interpreting and presenting these research data.

4. Firstly of all, we would like to say, the main purpose of using condom is to prevent pregnancy, and it is for the sex using. For the business ethic, the condom manufacturers has responsible and duty for the 14-16 years old people, according to the some countries policy that sex under 18 years old is not legal. Therefore; on the business ethic and policy part, the condom manufacturers should take some actions for the teenager user, for example, prohibit sell condom to less than 16 years old people or mention some warning sentences on the condom bag. Furthermore, the condom manufacturers should also attention when they operate in the advertisements.

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