Conditions of Effective Education

Education (obrasovaniye) in the Russian language is a significant word that has various lexical meanings. However, any of these definitions could make sense for the learning process too. “Education (obrazovaniye) – education in educational institutions where it is closely related to bringing up” [1, 907]. In this case, it is both a process and a result of education and bringing up. “Formation (obrazovaniye) is what was formed from anything” [2, 423]. It means a new content. Foundation (obrazovaniye) is the organization created by pooling stakeholder resources for different purposes.

This definition presents a compound, a union. [3, p. 1581] The union of a teacher and a student is what should be the basis for such endlessly interesting and difficult process as knowledge of true and false; acquisition of knowledge and skills; development of skills; expansion of outlook. Joint activity is possible under the condition of mutual understanding and respect, setting a common objective. Any activity implies a motivational component that will encourage the individual to make efforts to achieve the goal.

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In order to realize the tasks set, the activities of a teacher who skillfully and creatively organizes the most difficult work process – education – play a significant role.

The most profound and extensive knowledge of the teacher will not be able to force the student to study. The proverb “You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” is known; and the student will not seek knowledge unless he or she knows what it is for and how to achieve it. In order to get the result from any efforts of the participants of the educational process, it is necessary to know the purpose and tasks of their staying at the educational institution.

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The very first lesson with listeners of any age raises the question: “Why did you come to university?” This question has a wide variety of answers; it needs to be clarified. To do that, it is necessary to find out, “What did you go to school for?” The answers show that this question has hardly been arisen before: “Everyone does so”, “Parents sent”, “Communicate with friends”, “To get knowledge”, etc., but sooner or later someone will say “to LEARN”. “What does it mean, “to LEARN”? An educated person should know the meaning of any word he or she uses. It appears that “to learn” and “to get knowledge” are two completely different processes and “to learn” is much harder than “to get knowledge”. Then each student is asked to describe the simplest processes such as “to wash”, “to dress”. After this discussion, the students conclude that: “to wash” means “to wash yourself”, “to dress” means “to dress yourself” and suddenly come to the conclusion that “to learn” means “to teach yourself”! The reminding that these verbs are reflexive ones has no effect! And now understanding what this labour-intensive and perhaps the most difficult process in human’s life means, it is necessary to find the ways of its realization.

Inasmuch as a person can teach himself/herself independently, the question arises about the role of the teacher. Continuing the conversation, we ascertain the role of the teacher. The conclusion suggestы itself: “To help the student to teach himself/herself”. The purpose of such interaction from both participants is acquisition of knowledge by the student: he or she teaches himself or herself, and the teacher helps him/her to solving this multiple-valued task. Thus, the efforts of both sides are directed at achieving the same goal. The student and the teacher solve the same scientific problem, and therefore they are colleagues.

As it appears, the achievement of these heights is hampered by LAZINESS. In this case the role of the teacher-assistant is extremely important too. The teacher serves as an example to the student in everything. Besides, the teacher should be engaged in purposeful upbringing of moral and ethical qualities of the students. The high school has no excuse if it ignores its greatest mission: to educate a moral, highly intelligent personality. Education is a DUAL PROCESS that implies unity of learning and upbringing. Any educational process contains both of these components, which are manifested depending on the angle of view under which the education process is considered: education or upbringing.

The process of education is based on close interaction of both participants: student and teacher; and inseparable unity of education and upbringing. In which the student assumes the responsibility “to teach himself and overcome laziness”, and the teacher helps the student “to teach himself/herself and overcome the laziness”. The teacher looks for new methods and approaches for optimal implementation of the process of education. Both participants of this labour-intensive process work together to solve the main task of the student: to acquire knowledge and moral qualities of the person to become an excellent specialist. It means that they fulfil the same task; the people working at the same scientific idea are colleagues. After such discussion, the teacher-student disposition fundamentally changes: they know the purpose and the tasks of staying in the educational institution and should respect the labour of each other.

As practice has shown, the control of students’ knowledge is an integral and at the same time the most problematic aspect in the education process. Controlling is verification, as well as monitoring for verification purposes. (3, p. 251) To manage means to direct, to organize activity of somebody or something. (3, p. 726) Both these operations mean the work performance made by the assigned specialists, and therefore the quality assessment is quite subjective, problematic. Moreover, it always carries enormous psychological burdens.

Seeking new methods of control is one of the responsibilities of the teachers working creatively. So, to conduct a test of oral speech skills in English, there appeared the idea to conduct Test Show, similar to Talk-Show (USA) and Chat-Show (GB). This type of control is more objective and less intense. Moreover, its conditions imply mandatory participation of each student of the group. It is one of the effective methods for the forming interpersonal, responsible relations among all participants of Test Show. This method, allows to control both components of education: training and upbringing with the minimum psychological burden on the students.

A type of control may include a student scientific and practical conference, at which a speaking student not only shows his knowledge and skills, but also demonstrates himself as a raised, intelligent person who can treat fellow participants with respect and attention. The student’s colleague – teacher helps him/her to learn and bring to perfection all these qualities. Teachers who allow themselves to digression from the norms of the well-mannered person: respect, punctuality, responsibility, decency should remember that each of us serves as a living example for the student, an example for imitation.

The simplest list of incentives for effective education for teachers is facilitating the acquisition and learning of knowledge by the students and creative approach to work to help them. As for students it is the cognition of students’ own responsibility in the process of education and the possibility to demonstrate his/her knowledge and skills freely with great desire.

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