Conditions of Animal Shelters Essay

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Conditions of Animal Shelters

I have always had an overwhelming desire to help animals. I wanted to adopt a pet from a shelter which is near by to our house. I was under the impression that the animal shelters will provide permanent homes and better quality of life for innocent animals. But when I entered the shelter I was shocked to see the environment that the animals are being kept. They were treated very badly. The animal shelter was not equipped with all the required amenities. It was over crowed with the animals. There was no segregation between different species of animals.

The dog shelters should be small enough to allow the dog to warm the interior with body heat, but large enough to allow the dog to stand, turn and lie down. The entrance should be protected by a flap or offset outer door and a sufficient amount of dry bedding such as straw or cedar chips should be provided to protect it from cold. Animals must have access to relatively clean air and preferably at least 8 hours of light each day. To my dismay what I saw was exactly opposite. The animals did not have enough water and the little water present was contaminated. They were confined in areas that are too small and dark.

There was no proper cleanliness, the cages were filthy with trash and fecal accumulation and had a strong odor. In general shelters have regular feeding schedules for the animals in their care. Often they are fed once or twice a day (young or sick animals may be fed more frequently). Some animals may be given access to food at all times. I found that animals were under weight and skinny, probably they are not receiving enough food. Veterinary care must be provided for animals showing persistent symptoms of disease or illness such as vomiting, diarrhea, emaciation, loss of appetite, or discharge from the eyes or nose.

Animals that have been injured appeared to be in pain but it looked as if enough medical care was not provided. While talking to the staff I found that the food is given only once a day and there was no dedicated veterinary doctor for these animals. According to him, because they are independent agencies, animal shelters operate with varying levels of funding and resources. Undesirable shelter conditions are more often a result of economic constraints rather than a lack of compassion. Looking at all those made me feel sick and sad and it opened my eyes to the tremendous amount of care needed for that the animals.

So, I took a decision to own not one but three animals (a cat and two dogs), they are all now a integral part of my family. I spend my leisure time with them. I started to feel that I should help as many animals as I could, not just these three. I decided that I just wouldn’t turn my back on the creatures that I love so much, even when I could not afford to help them. There are many ways to assist animals, whether they are small or large gestures. I have volunteer regularly for the Baja animal rescue. I am now dedicated to becoming a veterinary assistant. This would give me an opportunity to help the homeless and needy animals.

My mission is to Promote and Protect the Health, Safety and Welfare of Pets. Some people may feel this change is too drastic, but there are many other ways to assist animals. Volunteer for a local animal shelter, shop at sites that donate profits to animal causes, distribute information or simply help the next abandoned or hungry animal that arrives at your doorstep. In my opinion, even small gestures are of great importance when you give unconditional love to animals.

Reference: Dawnell Harrison, 2003. An End To Animal Cruelty… With PETA All Things Are Possible

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