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Condensed Study Guide

Paper type: Essay
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Active: does not require energy, area of lower concentration to higher concentration 34) Two identical osmometers are prepared. One is placed into distilled water, while the other is placed into a solution of 10% sugar. Assuming that the membrane is only permeable to water, what conclusions could be made if: a) the osmometer placed in distilled water rapidly fills up with water – hypertonic b) the osmometer placed in 10% SUGAR slowly loses water – hypotonic 35) using the terms hypotonic, isotonic, or hypertonic, explain how you could revive a wilted flower.

Place a wilted flower in a glass of pure water.

The flower cells would be hypertonic in relation to pure water, so water could move by osmosis into the wilted flower to “pump it up”. Water always moves to the area that is hypertonic. 36) In what kind of solution must blood be, if red blood cells are to remain healthy? Isotonic – because too much or too little solute would cause cells to burst or swell.

37) Describe two ways in which phagocytosis differs from pinocytosis. Phagocytosis:brings large particles into cell inside a vesicle . occurs in certain cells (eg. White blood cells) Pinocytosis: brings water and small particles into cell inside a vesicle. Occurs in all cell types.

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