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Conclusions and Recommendations Essay

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Most of the proposals presented to the Bangkok government have indeed been ideally efficient. The trouble, however, are the people implementing these proposals. Sayeg, et. al. , (1992) has mentioned the following statement about this very problem: “There are a number of key problems with existing institutional arrangements including the large number of overlapping agencies, the lack of effective coordination and monitoring of other agencies’ activities, the lack of staff trained in transportation and urban planning development , and an outdated administrative and legal framework within which to implement the proposals.

The long term nature of many transport projects, such as construction of a mass-transit system, tends to lower agency staff and morale. ” (as cited in Du Pont and Egan, 1997) Analyzing the statement made by Sayeg et. al. , there is indeed a lack of organization in the Thai government that resulted in a failure to oversee and regulate the privately-funded projects that will aid transportation problems in the country.

There was also complacency on the part of Thai policy makers that the completion of the three megaprojects would solve the transportation problems of Bangkok.

Because of this, the problems concerning energy consumption, environmental health and economic impacts have been precluded (Du Pont & Egan, 1997). The success and efficiency of an urban location is highly reliant on its transport system. Such a system should be able to provide effective and efficient access to activities (Pulichino & Mollet, 2003).

Most of the problem faced by developing countries is to make sure the demands for transportation are effectively and efficiently met. However, in the case of Thailand, there are constant variables that restrain certain developments to be executed. Issues such as land characteristics prevent the success of certain infrastructures. Bangkok being only a few kilometers above sea-level, it would be anticipated that the MRT subway could eventually experience flooding problems, hence qualifying as a probable non sustainable development for transportation.

Not only do physical restraints hinder from the efficiency of a city. A lack of or too much government intervention is also an essential factor in ensuring the success of certain projects to aid the city in many ways. The policy-making activities should also not be too centralized. A more localized scheme of Transport policy-making would better aid transportation development, functioning under the assumption that the local government has better knowledge on the conditions and demands of its region.

Also, prior to implementing projects, the proponents should be required to present an environmental impact assessment in order to minimize the negative effects of new transport systems such as air and noise pollution, and excessive energy consumption. In addition, proper zoning and preserving road capacity would also ease the congestion in major urban areas (Pulichino & Mollet, 2003).


(1996, March). Bangkok. Retrieved April 7, 2006, from

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