Conclusion on Smartphone Essay

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Conclusion on Smartphone

As the conclusion, the university students nowadays prefer to improve their vocabulary skill through smartphones rather than other devices especially in this era. This because through the smartphones they can easily download application such as dictionary besides can work the vocxabulary lesson through offline or outside the class. At the same time, these can make students’ life more flexible to improve their vocabulary at anywhere and anytime they want it without sticking at one place to learn it. According to Sarmiento (2002), the excited students said mobile device helped them to learn math and science better.

It is proven, as we can see, students get more interested to learn any subject through their mobile devices rather than going to class or get it from books. Therefore, we hope the government will allow the students to bring the mobile devices to schoolto give them opportunities to experiments and discover the mobile technologies. However, the school has to impose some rules so that the students will not misused the device in wrong way. Firstly, the advantage of using smartphones in vocabulary skills among university students is students can download English language materials through their smartphones.

These can be divided in two methods which is the first one is by downloading a dictionary which can help improving students’ vocabulary. According to Song and Fox (2008), in today’s technoly era, more students prefer to bring a downloaded handheld electronic dictionary or a mobile device rather than bringing along a thick dictionary to class or places of study. This true as we can see, many students use their smartphones to download dictionary to enrich their vocabulary for them to learn the pronounciation of unfimiliar words even it is outside of the class.

Furthermore, it also provides opportunities for them to solve vocabulary problems during their lecture. For example, when the students look up for a new word or expression from hard copy handouts by the lecturer, most of them prefer to use their dictionary in their smartphones to search for the meaning of the word rather than searching in the thick dictionary which is heavy. The next method, is by using internet access to download dictionary for supporting education. Sophisticated mobile devices have been upgraded upgraded and used to support education through personal and social enrichment (Roschelle,Sharples&Chan, 2005).

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