Conclusion Life of Pi Essay

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Conclusion Life of Pi

Well this is it, we’re done, and WOW what an ending. I can’t exactly say i was expecting that but does it ever make you think! Sure many would have loved a conclusive conclusion, but personally I enjoy the abstract ending. In the end Martel allows you to choose not only how the novel ends, but also what has happened the entire plot. Through this Martel attempts to depict how a story in one’s eyes may be completely different from another, depending on the person.

How one interprets a story is solely up to the individual and as a result the ending puts the entire story up for debate. Personally I feel that the story including the animals is “what really happened” simply because that is what i choose to believe. The concept of choosing, or in Martel’s words rather “leaping”towards decisions is one in which Martel forces the reader to endure in the end of the story. Rather than just cruising through the book (life) Martel forces the reader to make a decision, whatever that decision may be.

Besides the ending blowing my mind, throughout the book i greatly appreciated Martel’s writing skills. The insertion of extremely descriptive imagery allows the reader to greatly empathize Pi’s story, resulting in a dire want to continue reading. Overall I greatly enjoyed the novel and would greatly recommend it.

P.S I would expand on what has happened in the recent chapters but do not want to ruin the book for anyone who has not read it yet.

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