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Conclusion According

This is the hatred of another person by a person due to his status and the skin color. Racism has been a major issue in the United States and this has lead to hatred of many people. Racism is specifically accomplished by the skin color that is how the white perceive the black people. The dark skin has been disrespected worldwide by the white people and this has brought about racism. Metraux A (1950) Racism is like a belief that another person is less than of a value than the person, the belief determines the person background d the power and also the color.

Racism is something that as been inherited from the fore front of our great grand parents, that is according to the white man they used to put the black man into slavery because the black man had no power over the white man, racism is something that is running into our own lives and it is something that has been very difficult to overcome because it is said it is something that is in a culture of a person and it is inheritable.

Scholars have been very much to know the roots of racism and to look upon the causes and ways in which h racism can be avoided but it is true to say that racism lives within a person and the only way to change racism is by fighting and changing of our own perception towards a particular group of people or not looking at people according to there own skin co lour.

Wellman T (1993) The perception of the black men on politics, during this era of Richard Wright the white men were the only people who were considered in politics and not in social areas, the white men had the only power to be seen in politics and anything that needed leadership and this brought about the discrimination of the black on politics.

The black men were inert and no where to be seen in anything that concerned politics or leadership, they were considered as people who could not lead and who had little knowledge or no knowledge of the way to politics, therefore the white people made the decisions on matters that resulted to politics and social matters. Bernard L (1992) The black men had no right of being educated or receive any information according to Richard Wright, the Whites were only seen to be the people who were allowed to be educated, and mostly the black people were considered to grow up as slaves of the white people.

Therefore they never considered giving the white childhood any type of education because they new definitely that they will grow into slaves of the white, and in any case a black was considered educated there was a certain place where they could be taken and given work but under the management of the white people, therefore no black person was seen as a leader or a manager of a company despite his educational background he had to be under the supervision of the white people. Benjamin H (2006)

During this era the black men were perceived as people who grew up as criminals and there main aim was to kill the white people, they were considered as poor people always in need and people who had no power over anything that is they were to work and be slaves under the strict supervision of the white people. Has this perception changed? The perception of the black by the white has partly changed; still there is the discrimination of the white by the black in the modern world meaning that racism is still a topic to be discussed and how to overcome it.

black people are now allowed in politics by the white people, but still there are number of white people who do not accept that black people can still lead they grant them as people who need strict supervision and in this case they have not be able to accept leadership by the black people. Black men have been freed from the times of slavery by the white people and the society has regarded racism as a discrimination term that is supposed to be changed, therefore considering the skin colour of the black as being helpful to the society.

The culture has developed a very bad image of the black people from the white perception it is accurate to say that the society looks upon its roots on the black perception they still discriminate the black on some of the current issues for example they still consider the black as criminals, drug addicts and abusers. Therefore it is true that racism is being fought but still there people who are still bound by there cultural perception and beliefs about the black.

Stereotypes of African American are generalized about the behavior of African group or individual. These stereotypes developed in American culture since the colonial era and they have been used to portray the black men as naive irresponsible or careless, lazy, poor and violent. Therefore racism is all about the color, the black face was developed in America to show the color development of the black and how the black got discriminated simply be cause of there color.

There was a book for children that was developed called Sambo, it also discriminated the black as people who were lazy and people who were irresponsible and it considered black to be slur. The book is about a boy who outwitted a number of tiger and the boy is considered to be black. The magic Negro also refereed the black people discrimination; Negro was a disrespectful term that was used to call the black people. The mammy archetype referred the black people as slaves that are they were seen tying apron so that they can help the white either in there assigned work by the white people.

Current survey has shown that the white are still discriminating the black people, for example research has shown that there is discrimination of the black by the white especially by the taxi drivers, they consider the white more than the black people showing that the white still grant the black people as people who are still poor. In a police case survey has shown that the black people are much discriminated by the white policemen more than the way the white policeman will deal with a white person, this shows that racism is still going on.

Black people are still considered as criminal more than the white people; there skin color which is black has made them be preserved as criminal more than the white people. Marvin J On current survey black people possess the ownership of being feared by other people because from there judgment of color they look like criminals and thugs, this has created a difference from the white people, who have been judged by there skin color as people who posses innocence

Conclusion According to Richard Wright era black men perception was very negative, this shows that Racism is like a diseases that is within our own perception and in this ca se it should be healed, human being s were created in different color that is there is the white and the black, and it is true to say that there is no need to judge a person according to the skin color.

Having a white skin does not mean that power over everything was given to the whites, this has been developed over the years and this has lead to the disrespect and the misuse of the dark skin, there fore changing the perception about the black people over the white people is very difficult. Because racism is something that has been there since the colonial era and it is something that has been developing over and over the generations. Robber M(Ed) the stereotypes that were developed to mark the black man it is certainly that they are still continuing to mark the black man as still powerless up to this current world.

It is very unfortunate to explain that the current world has not changed there conduct to the perception of racism especially when it comes to the dark skin, most leaders in the world have lead to the racism and minority of these leaders have been unable to fight, it is wise to change the people perception on racism especially when dealing with the skin color. People have difference by there own skin color but this does not mean that one skin color is superior to the other; there fore it is good for the world to come to an end and fight racism on skin color.

Work cited Metraux A (1950) United Nations Economic and Security Council Statement by Experts on problems of race in American Anthropologist Wellman T (1993) portraits of white Racism. New York, NY Cambridge University Press Bernard L (1992) Race and Slavery in the Middle East an historical enquiry. Oxford University Press Benjamin H (2006) THE invention of racism in classical antiquity, Princeton University press Marvin J the myth of the black man on race, sex, and suspicion Robber M and Andrew R, the black image in the white image

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