Concern of a child in you care Essay

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Concern of a child in you care

A) There are many different sings, symptoms, indicators and behaviours that may cause concern of a child in you care, some signs may be

Unexplained bruising or burns that keep recurring
Wearing heavy clothing even in hot weather
Bald patches of hair
Running away from home, many times
Fear of medical examination
Aggression towards self (self-harming) and others
Fear of physical contact

Some signs you may notice with neglect could be that the child is always tired or hungry, asking for food or falling asleep as soon as they come to the setting, has poor hygiene and untreated medical problems. b) Children may get bullied for many different things, whether that be because of their sexuality, race, gender, a disability and more. Some ways children may get bullied could be


This may be pushing or shoving them, hitting, kicking and others forms or violence and even threating to hurt them.


This would be name calling and insult, persistent teasing and spreading rumours – it’s important that people think about what they say before they say it, they may think that they are being funny but sometimes the victim won’t see it as being funny.

Emotional bullying

This could be not speaking to them, when I was as school I remember a lot of my peers use to give each other silent treatment over something little. This form of bullying is very common with younger ages. Furthermore it could include tormenting and humiliating someone.

Cyber bullying

This way off bullying is becoming more and more common, many children start having the latest technology from a younger age and aren’t always thinking about what they are saying behind the screen to their friends, and what they are doing. Cyber bullying is deliberate way of making someone upset The effects of bullying may be different from person to person but can stay with them for a life time, effecting there confidence, they may also have low self-esteem and feel isolated from their peers, not be able to achieve as well as they could, in serious cases some children have even taken there life’s because of bullying. It’s important that anyone who works with children has a way of dealing with bullying and is aware of settings policy.

C) If a case of bullying is reported or suspected the steps that should be followed would be All known/reported cases of bullying will be investigated by class teacher or member of senior staff Parents of the victim will be questioned about the incident or talk about their concerns Bullies/bully may be asked to make a genuine apology or their parents may be informed about the behaviour of their child After each case is dealt with, it will be watched carefully to make sure there is no recurrence.

D) When I was younger, I use to have to wear glasses, I got picked on quite a bit for wearing them, I would get called ‘four eyes, nerd, blind’ and many more days. I remember one day I refused to go to school because I was fed up off getting bullied for wearing glasses, I told my parents what had been happening and why didn’t want to go to school or wear my glasses. They phoned the school to air their concerns and where asked to go for a meeting with the head of year, they was reinsurance that the incident of this will be taken care of and told ways of encouraging me to go back to school, the school even gave me help with dealing with the people. The school listen to what I had to say and my parents, and the problem was quickly dealt with.

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