Conceptualizing a Business – HOMICIDE CLEANUP Essay

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Conceptualizing a Business – HOMICIDE CLEANUP

My business is defined as a cleaning business, but not in the sense of your regular house cleaners. My company Homicide Cleanup, deals with the cleanup after death, whether it be in the house and or outside. The services my company provides is the cleanup after any type of death has occurred. It is our mission to cleanup the scene of a death and or homicide as quickly as possible so the family of the deceased and or victim is no longer noticeable for the family to see causing less heartache.

I want to have an excellent crew of cleaners who will be able to stomach some of the jobs in which they will be going to. Some of these jobs will require dealing with foul odors should the victim have been deceased for a period of time. My cleaners will be required to know how to dismantle furniture along with household sinks, toilets and so forth. The reason they will need to know this is, if a deceased individual has been passed away for some time, the body fluids from within the victim eventually make theire way out of the body and in this case will leak into the floor, in any crack and just about anywhere. Pending on where in the house the deceased has passed, depends on the cleanup and how much will need to be cleaned.

My cleanup crew will also have to deal with the cleanup of a death should it occur outside. Cleaning up after a death outside is vital since hundreds of people could walk pass this scene a day. The scene will have to be cleaned so there is no visible sign of blood, bodily fluids or any human matter depending on what type of death has occurred.

Here at Homicide Cleanup, it is our vision to be there for the families who have to deal with the tragedy of losing a loved one. It is our job to make the client of the deceased as comfortable with us given the circumstances at this time for them. We want to get the job done accurate and return the scene back to its original form before the unfortunate event that has taken place, took place. We will strive to make the victims family at ease when it comes to handling the unfortunate situation which has brought us to meet each other.

It is our vision hear at Homicide Cleanup to become the best when it comes to these tragic situations. We want to become number one within the state of New Jersey when it comes the cleanup of any death which may have occurred. Also, the most easiest to speak to for the family of the deceased as we know this is a hard to for the loved one involved.

Many see ethics as a matter of honor, as holding true to a certain set of rules and standards here at Homicide Cleanup our ethics consist of respecting the family involved of the deceased. There will be no disrespecting in any matter. No foul language. No talking about the scene other how it will be cleaned. It is our responsibility here at homicide Cleanup to make the family feel at ease as possible when it comes to cleaning up the scene of the deceased. Should any of these ethics be broken by any employee they will face consequences along with the loss of their job. We here at Homicide cleanup are not here to make a tragic situation worse for the family of the deceased, but to make it as less painful when having to deal with us.

When it comes to the vision of Homicide Cleanup, we strive to make a company that is reliable and understanding when it comes to a families tragedy. We understand the difficult time in which the family must be facing and here at Homicide cleanup, we will get the job the job done as soon as possible so the presence of why were there can diminish.

It is our mission to be the best when it comes to cleaning a death scene regardless of how horrific the scene may be. Our mission is to make it seem as if nothing has happened where the unfortunate death has occurred. Here at Homicide Cleaneup we understand the hurt and the stress the family is going through at such a time so, we want to make the pain a bit less by doing our job and leaving no trace of what has occurred.

Homicide Cleanup adreeses our customers needs in the following ways: we are on call 24/7 365 days a year. We know death can occur at any moment and we are available anytime of day and or night. When a customer calls they will speak with a trained individual not a recording and upon the phone call we will have a team of trained cleaners out to the scene within minutes. We will provide the removal of any biohazard waste in a safely manner. We also provide procedures include disinfecting, and deodorizing with hospital grade disinfectants, cleaning and then restoring any damaged structural elements including carpet, flooring, drywall, or paint We will disefect the area where the unfortunate death occurred leaving the area and or household clean of any viruses and or traces of any kind of death.

In conclusion, Homicide Cleanup is the most important roll when it comes to cleaning up after any type of death has occurred. Why? My company is trained in the removal of any biohazard waste. We are trained to use the products in which are used to disinfect any blood and or pheses from within the human body leaving it clean without harm to others. An ordinary individual will be unable to try and clean the scene themselves. Not only is it against the law, but unsanitary as well. The biohazard waste must be removed and disposed of properly it cannot just be thrown in the trash. Biohazard waste that is thrown in trash can only spread any desease in which blood can carry leaving another individual who may come in contact with it in danger.


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