Conceptual Framework Essay

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Conceptual Framework

1.1 Population
The intersection of Commonwealth Avenue: Don Antonio-Ever Gotesco is composed of around 300,000 (San tayo pwede kumuha ng estimate?) people living within the 300-m radius. It is significant to determine the amount of commuters within the intersection to assess the efficiency of the Bus Rapid Transit System.

1.2 Land Use/ Establishments
Establishments also play a major role for mass transportation. These areas generally have sufficient ridership demands which needs all-day frequent service. Land use describes the locations of major employment centers and residential developments in relation to potential BRT route in Commonwealth Avenue. Within the 300-m radius, it is rich in establishments such as the Ever-gotesco mall, Shopwise, Schools, Sports Center, Gas Station and Food House that are visited by the civilians.

1.3 Traffic
Traffic along Commonwealth Avenue: Don Antionio-Ever Gotesco must be assessed because BRT works well where traffic congestion is prominent.

2.4 Public Safety
The Commonwealth Avenue is widely known as the killer highway since many civilians had already died in accidents and such. Now public safety on the area is pretty much average since there are Law Enforcers. Focus on public safety must always be kept in mind in planning for the application of BRT whether it will provide safer mode of transportation for the people.

2.5 Mode of transportations within the area
BRT applications also depends on the mode of transportation within the area particularly in Commonwealth Avenue: Don Antonio-Ever Gotesco. Application of BRT is desirable in urbanized areas where passenger flow need frequent service and there is sufficient presence of bus. There are many kinds of transportations along the intersection. Some of these are Bus, FX Vans, Taxi Cab, Jeepneys and Tricycle.

2.6 Highway Lanes/ Road Space
High way lanes and road space are the key elements of BRT systems. The Highway lanes along the road has a total of 16-18 lanes. These lanes should allow rapid and reliable movement of the BRT with minimum traffic interference.

3.1 Space Availability
The road space of Commonwealth: Don Antonio-Ever Gotesco must be enough to provide fast and reliable movement of the BRT.

3.2 Good Accessibility
Area of application should also be easily accessible by several modes such as bicycles, walking, transit and individual automobiles. 3.3 Improve urban mobility Application of BRT must improve urban mobility within the area because passengers will reach their destinations faster and more efficient. Also, because it has its own lane, congestion will be lessen.


The Problem is to characterize Commonwealth Avenue in the Application of Bus Rapid Transit System: Don Antonio – Ever Gotesco. The Secondary Data Gathering is when the group gather basic data information about the Commonwealth Intersection and the conditions of past studies for BRT application.

Primary Data Gathering is when the group had to do an Ocular Inspection in which the group have to characterize the area of 300-m radius. Analysis is the process in which the group have to analyze the result of the group’s characterization if the necessary conditions were met for the application of BRT. Conclusion and Recommendation is when the group will conclude that application of BRT in commonwealth avenue is possible since the conditions were met. Further Studies. The group’s advice for future researchers in order to improve gathered data for better research results.

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