Concept of Integrated Marketing Communication


Integrated marketing communication ensures that promotional tools have been incorporated to attain the aims of a marketing campaign. In the case of American Red Cross (ARC), integrated marketing communication will ensure that they capture a greater share of holiday and year-end giving aimed at boosting their fund-raising efforts. Prospective donors of ARC have specific issues ranging from ethical, economic, social and regulatory. It is vital for them to ensure that all these aspects have been observed and adhered to as well.

Also, the behavior of ARC would be influenced by an analysis of their actions and features. Emotional intelligence, for instance, should be observed among the management team and employees of ARC as well. On the other hand, promotional tools are relevant to utilize in the proposed campaign to boost the fund-raising efforts. Some of the promotional tools that can be employed include advertising, direct marketing, and sales promotion. In this way, the proposed campaign will be successful.


Organizations should plan and deliver information concerning their brand relevantly and consistently to consumers.

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They should ensure that the brand message has been made clear in a way that it will resonate powerfully with the target audience. In this way, they will be in a position to control their brand perceptions and intensify customer loyalty. One strategy to utilize and ensure that they attain this aspect successfully is through undertaking an integrated marketing communication (IMC) campaign. The paper will entail an IMC to bolster the funding efforts of American Red Cross (ARC) according to the requirements outlined.

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Integrated marketing communication is a concept that ensures all communication forms and messages are interconnected. It can further be depicted as an integration of all the promotional tools to ensure that they work amicably. Additionally, integrated marketing communication can be viewed as a strategy for attaining the objectives of a marketing campaign by utilizing different promotional methods in a well-coordinated manner. The target here is to support the different promotional ways (Percy, 2014).

Human population has been growing depicting that the number of vulnerable groups requiring support from ARC is also on the increase. As such, ARC has been facing insufficiency concerning grants and donations needed to satisfy all the existing program needs. Also, there are fewer resources to expand program activities. It is also vital to note that various moral obligations are competing to have the consideration, and generosity of the community. Donors who are financially able also lack the assets needed to fund each valuable initiative. The ARC further incurs increasing staff costs and other project ideas or programs that further destroy their small budgets. Moreover, reliance on donations and grants can also reduce the autonomy of the ARC especially concerning choosing the activities to go to the board and selecting effective intervention tactics to accomplish the aims of the program (Goldsmith, 2018).

On the other hand, it is vital for prospective donors to note that they need to diversify their social positioning. As such, they should concentrate on offering services such as health and education. Also, a participatory approach is crucial where it entails involving local people through organizing self-help groups. Therefore, partaking commences from the need investigation stage to the development and execution of the project (Weiss, 2018).

It is vital for prospective donors to be aware of ethical issues that they need to satisfy. One of this entails communication which they should maintain with ARC, community, victims and even the legal authorities. When assisting individuals or funding an activity, it is also crucial for the donors to ensure they meet all the requirements of the contract signed with the ARC. In this way, their intention will be trusted by the community and government as well. It will also assist in the development of their reputation efficiently. One vital mission of the ARC is to prevent and improve any form of the adverse human living condition. Hence, it is fundamental for the prospective donors to ensure that their intentions of donating are directed towards attaining this aspect. As such, they should stipulate it in their terms and conditions (Weiss, 2018).

Additionally, donors should note that ARC is compliant with the law and expects them to observe it as well. They should thus undertake business according to all the applicable rules and regulations. Besides, prospective donors have to ensure that they guard any confidential information related to ARC. They should not engage in any unlawful release of classified information linked to the organization that could hinder its effective management or operation (Weiss, 2018).

ARC is viewed as an organization that offers support when a major disaster occurs, a feature that has affected their fund reserves. However, they have decided to alter this perception by seizing a greater share of holiday and year-end giving. In this way, it will increase their portion of attention and wallet against other assistance operations that have been well established and changed into holiday traditions. In this case, ARC has depicted the facet of altering their strategy of undertaking operations to demonstrate more involvement in the community well-being or comfort. For this to be effectively exhibited, it is essential to undertake numerous forms of adverts to increase exposure. It can be done by putting up posters within the target area and conducting social media campaigns as well.

ARC has shown the desire to alter their operations instead of just focusing on offering support when there is a major disaster. It will thus be crucial to ensure that all the employees comprehend the significance of this operation. They will have a positive attitude towards it, and it will assist to increase awareness as well. Emotional intelligence should also be upheld at ARC and especially among the management team. It will then be practiced by the personnel as well. Workers with good emotional intelligence will be in a position to interact efficiently with prospective donors and the community into viewing the holiday and year-end giving positively (Singh, 2015). In the end, it will guarantee the success of the new strategy. Therefore, it is essential to discuss with the management who will then ensure that employees are positive towards the idea and further influence the intended targets efficiently.

Specific promotional tools can be employed in the proposed campaign to bolster the fund-raising efforts of ARC through the share of holiday and year-end giving. One useful tool is advertising. In this case, it will be critical to stipulate the objectives and budget decision. The goals in this case will be to either inform, persuade or reinforce and further follow the marketing plan developed by the firm. Various media channels can also be used to deliver the intended message. The social media can be quite efficient especially since numerous have access to it and is simple to utilize. Other advertising channels that can be employed include magazines and television that will further rely on the timing of broadcast of the message to capture the attention of the target audience (Mughal, Mehmood & Ahmad, 2014).

Direct marketing can also be employed to deliver the message. It can be undertaken through the form of telemarketing, direct mail, online and electronic marketing. One crucial benefit of this approach is that the message will be customized and will thus satisfy needs of the targeted audience. On the other hand, sales promotion can be utilized to attract consumers and offering of divergent inducements of purchase. It is useful and can be undertaken in the form of coupons. ARC can thus offer coupons through the social media platforms, mail, newspapers, and magazines. They can then be used in the retail stores by the target audience (Obeid, 2014). In this way, it will increase awareness of the share of holiday and year-end giving.


The paper has explored the case of ARC and how it can cater for their deficit through capturing a greater share of holiday and year-end giving. As such, through integrated marketing communication, the set objective can easily be attained. Specific issues have been proposed for adherence by the prospective donors. They include social, economic, ethical and regulatory. It has been depicted that potential donors should adhere to the ethical elements of communication. They should maintain effective communication with victims, community, and legal authorities. Moreover, specific promotional tools can be used to market the proposed campaign intended at boosting the fund-raising efforts of ARC. They include advertising that can be undertaken through channels of social media, television, and magazines. Besides, direct marketing and sales promotion are other useful promotional tools.


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