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Concept of Fracking

The past few days in class we have been learning about the process of fracking and how it is either harmful, or useful to our nation. There are numerous arguments for both sides that specify pros and cons for fracking and if fracking should be legal to operate. Fracking is known as hydraulic fracturing with the use of sand, water, and chemicals that are injected at high pressures to blast open shale rock and release the trapped gas inside. The process of fracking starts with drilling a hole deep in the earth’s surface until it reaches natural gas.

From there they can start the operation and retrieve the natural gas. Oil and gas companies that use fracking state that it is very safe and does not harm the environment. On the other hand fracking has been reported to cause risks to air, land, water, wildlife, and communities by other sources, rather than the oil and gas companies. According to Josh Fox a journalist who directed “Gasland” a 2010 documentary found that fracking is making people sick, contaminating water, and affecting wildlife.

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Yes, fracking can have some positive aspects, but the cons out way the pros drastically. Fracking is bad for our environment and can harm many individuals near fracking sites, or affect their land, and animals. Therefore, regulations and safety should be improved for fracking to stop all the negative aspects from happening, or ban fracking as a whole. Families near fracking zones have terrible headaches and even very serious sicknesses ever since the fracking started.

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Fracking uses more than 596 chemicals which are released into the ground through a pipe.

Drilling can intersect with underground water which would mix the 596 chemicals with that causing contaminated water. Households are affected by this because their water comes out multicolored ranging from musky grey to black. At some Houses Josh Fox visited they were able to set their water on fire. In the documentary he used a lot of emotional appeal to show how hard families are being affected by this tragic event, and shows how tough getting through a day is becoming without getting some type of sickness.

Fracking also affects wildlife and land by contaminating water streams and the soil animals live on. In one scene of “Gasland” Josh Fox went to a ladies house where she had collected dead animals around her land. These animals were not present until the fracking started, and then after that they just started falling dead. There were other cases of people going into streams or even using their own house water that gave them sores, and harsh rashes throughout their body. In the documentary this showed a very effective way of getting people attention and underlining how important this is.

In the other documentary “Fracknation” directed by Phelim McAleer he shows why fracking is important and how it is safe for our environment. The only positive aspect of fracking is it would help our nation out a ton with gas, lower prices drastically, and we would be the leading natural gas supplier in the world. This documentary didn’t really catch my attention that much because why would all these cases of sicknesses and contaminated water pop up right when fracking became big.

If fracking became safe and didn’t harm anything in the environment then it would be the greatest idea ever invented. Coming up with new regulations to improve fracking and make it 100 percent safe would be the only reason I would accept the concept of fracking. As of right now fracking is very harmful to many, and the chemicals used are being released in the atmosphere, and in the soil which is contaminating many things and affecting the quality of the air. Fracking is not safe for anyone or anything located near a fracking zone.

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