Computerized Physician Order Entry Essay

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Computerized Physician Order Entry

CPOE stands for Computerized Physician Order Entry and it is the feature of the electronic health record that improves quality of care, patient safety, and clinical efficiency. The CPOE can help the improvement of the medical workflow process in many kinds of ways. This is because the CPOE monitors any generating of related orders, any duplicate orders, prevent lost orders, eliminates any errors due to handwriting that is hard to read, reduce medication errors, reduce time that is spent filling orders, and improve productivity in the doctor’s office. Results that are computerized improve the medical workflow process because it eliminates any lagging time that is spent. This leaves more time for the patient to spend more time with the doctor and be treated faster. These results are easier to access rather than flipping through paper file.

Having these improvements are beneficial to the patient. CPOE protects all patients because it helps reduces the medication errors of drug allergies, dosage issues, and interactions with drug to drug. With Computerized Physician Order Entry systems it detects all interactions and allergies and alerts them to the pharmacy. Once the alert comes in, the pharmacist will call the doctor and get it fixed before anything seriously bad would happen when the patient takes their medication. Thanks to CPOE, all these alerts help with saving lives. There are many benefits that come with the CPOE. One benefit is that it improves all documentation that is received by the ancillary department in the medical field. It reduces the mistakes that are made with the misinterpretation of prescription orders. With the CPOE, there is no need for re-entry of any data into the system of the ancillary department. Another great benefit is that it reduces all medical errors dealing with medications.

When it comes to the medical field, CPOE helps catch all drug allergies that patients may have and any drug to drug interactions. The CPOE is the best benefit that a patient can have. The CPOE is so efficient that it allows doctors to spend more time treating patients instead of writing notes in the patient’s files. The doctor has more time to come up with a treatment plan for the patient and they would be able to sit there to explain it to them better. The CPOE can be time consuming and cost money. Once a medical facility passes the time and the cost then they would see the great benefits to the facility and to their patients.

In conclusion, the Computerized Physician Order Entry will help with the improvement of a facility’s safety and care standards. That would give the patients satisfaction of their doctor and their treatment. The medical facility would also appreciate how easy the system is to use and the medical personnel would appreciate how much time they are saving with the system so they can attend to important matters. Technology in the medical field is going to continue to grow every year and it will focus on the patients and the medical staff.

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