Computerized Accounting System Essay

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Computerized Accounting System

Background of the Study
Every school is dedicated to the improvement of its quality of education. And one of it is by upgrading their school existing system for the convenience of both teachers and students. Though computers become very easy and convenient to use, there are still existing manual system among schools. Technology was endorse to us decades ago, and it’s still growing rapidly up until now and progressing more and more so we have no choice but to catch up to these seasonal change in the field of technological modernization so that we can make our school capable of competing other modernize schools.

In high school, they always want to be one of the best schools in the region. And for that, they need the requirements to be strictly implemented into their schools so that students that were graduating in elementary will go to their school. For them to be aim these goals, this is where our system will be needed to raise the schools moral to the students that was enrolled and will choose the school to enrol for on the next years to come.

Our study is concerned with the process of calculation and collection of student fees of Saint Louis High School of Balatoc. Computations of tuition fees are done manually that makes it risky because it causes some errors in calculation that sometimes leads to a double payment. As a result of the manual system, students tend to form a very long line before reaching the cashier to pay tuition fees. It’s really a pain in the head for the students because i felt that way too when I was at high school years before. Back to the study, Parents even come to school and complain on double payments because the computation is done manually and we are humans and we can’t afford to make some human errors sometimes.

With these, we came up with a study, a computerized account receivable system. With the use of the computerized system, forming lines during payments will be lessened or even eliminated. It will help the student for not getting late on every examination period to their designated classes. It will also facilitate automatic and accurate computation of fees that take less time and effort compared to their existing manual computation system. Double payments will also be prevented and even eliminated because you will just enter the keywords and the computer will do the rest. Above all, it will make your work faster and easier with ease and less overtime papers works.

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