Computerization of the World Essay

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Computerization of the World

The computer is great invention, which can be used in many fields such as mechanical, electronics, robotics etc., Hence, usage of computers in modern society is increasing significant. This invention may cause change in our life style and it has been saving our time, also it has been a common device in our homes now. Computer technology and it’s implementations are updating very fast.

In the near future, in banking sector going to become a fully computerized network, which may be used any where in the world. Therefore, customers can access their accounts anywhere in the world, and they may have the ability to make any kind of transactions. Furthermore, due to the huge development of software engineering, image processing techniques may be applied for the security purposes. Hence, your personal accounts such as bank, e-mail, etc., can’t be accessed with out you or your finger print.

Computer base examinations are introduced now in many international and local authorities. Additionally, in the education sector, some universities are used to handle the examinations in paper base, but now they implementing their course in computer base online courses, so students do not need to come every day to universities for their studies.

Mainly computer systems are being used for store the information such as patient records, customer records, students records, reports etc. These saved records are being used for various purposes such as report generating, research purposes etc. Hence, we don’t have any other device other than the computer for these activities. But, some other ways also available for our work, but they need to spend long time for end of the process. Also, in near future it might be increased the number of unemployment percentage, because job holders places are replaced by the computers.

At sum up, computer is important equipment for our lives and it included advantages such as fast, accuracy, clear etc., and dis-advantages such as increase of unemployment number, it may cause to some diseases. Hence, we have to amendments of constitution of computer use, then we can get the better output from the computers for our future prosperity.

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