Computerised Accounting System Essay

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Computerised Accounting System

At very outset I sincerely thankful to you for promoting me in the cadre of A. O. ( Mkt) & would like to draw your kind attention to my various earlier requests for restoration of my three increments as per the order dated 25th January 2005, passed by then CMD (copy enclosed ) by modifying the earlier order the following. 1 Restoring the basic pay to the same level as the order was to be without cumulative effect; as has been very categorically specified in the order.

However, notwithstanding the above, the first part of the enclosed order was implemented long back in the year 2005, but even after so many years the 2nd part of the order is not implemented by your office till today & my basic salary has not so far been restored. It is respectfully submitted that non restoration of my basic pay as mandated by the order under reference would be in derogation of the order passed by the erstwhile CMD. my salary in the promoted cadre cannot be fixed unless my 3 increments are restored &only after restoration of these 3 increments my salary can be fixed In promoted (A. O. ) cadre . I therefore request your kind self to immediate restore my three increments ( by which my basic pay has been already been reduced )w. e. f. year 2005. & so that there is no delay in fixing my salary in promoted cadre. I shall be extremely grateful to you for the act of kindness.

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