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Linux Training

CBITSS is a chandigarh based company.

CBITSS deals in Web development and Web site promotion(SEO) using open source software.

CBITSS also provide support and online solution in Linux administration.

Apart from development and support CBITSS also deals in training the candidates and takes the responsibility to make them capable enough to start their career in IT sector.

For the Welfare of society, CBITSS has also taken the job responsibility to promote the Open Source..

Open source is a term which defines the liberty of using the software free of cost.


Means, now there will be no piracy if we are not able to pay for proprietary(paid s/w) software because we can use free software.Our main agenda is to use and promote software which are free of cost so that we may make our nation PIRACY FREE…..

What we need from your side is to join our 15 days training module which is free of cost..

The module contains operating system installation and all the important desktop applications that we normally use.

Candidates who are interested to learn Linux but sometime they find it costly and/or tough to learn, so CBITSS has made it possible, you can recommend your friends/students to learn UBUNTU (Linux based desktop-os) in 15 days. This module is FREE OF COST.

This module covers all basic requirements by which one can easily use linux..

1)What is linux, its use and benefits.


3)Open office (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation)


5)Pidgin, Skype, Bluefish

6)Multimedia, cd/dvd burning

7)Working with different web browsers

8)Working with evolution/thunderbird (mail clients)

9)Internet connectivity (IP addressing, static/dynamic IP setting,
Wi-Fi setting)


Any other topic can also be covered on candidate’s demand.

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We also provide industrial training(job oriented) in LINUX(system & network administration),SEO,CCNA,JAVA, C, C++,Web Designing,Ethical Hacking,PHP with WHM (cpanel,webmin)& CMS(joomla/drupal)..

We do not criticize any proprietary software, we motivate people to either pay for proprietary software or use free software.

So we need your involvement in this activity.

Help us to make our nation PIRACY FREE..

I appreciate your precious time for reading this message..
Thank you..

Use Open Source Software Feel Free & Open.

For Further Information:


Navneet Sharma


91 9988741983

0172 5000750

SCO 114,115, Near Mukat Hospital

Sector- 34, Chandigarh.

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