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Computer software

1.Identify the key players in the case and describe their respective roles. Are these the right roles? What roles in particular should be modified? How might such role modifications be accomplished?

The key players are Wallingford, Lassiter, Kovecki , Hedges . Wallingford is president of MSCC he became an aggressive advocacy organization for business community. Lassiter came to MSCC in December 2000 and was appointed as Vice President of Marketing and Membership , he worked hard for the success of the company. Simon Kovecki the computer science graduate had no experience in information systems but struggled hard to understand the software for which there are no documentation. Hedges the vice president of public finance is mainly responsible for failure of MSCC because of his lack of knowledge in information systems.

2.Focus on the role of the software vendor—Unitrak Software Corporation. Was it an appropriate role? Did Unitrak act responsibly?

The role of Unitrak software corporation was appropriate because it was a developing software during that time .but it is the mistake of MSCC in selecting the software which doesn’t fit for their work.

3. How much is Kovecki to blame for this situation?

Kovecki, although he do not have knowledge in information system he struggled hard to learn . He tried to convince MSCC not bring unitrak software but he failed in doing so. Hence I think kovecki is not responsible for this situation

4..One of the recurring themes of this book is the importance of information systems politics. To what extent does IS politics explain the situation that has developed at the Midsouth Chamber of Commerce?

Information system is necessary for every company in working effectively. In this case of MSCC we came to know that if it had information system it would not have faced this problem.

5. The case involves what appears to be a fairly routine use of information technology to support a service organization. Yet the Midsouth Chamber of Commerce encountered major problems in bringing up its new system. Is there a lesson here for organizations seeking to adopt new information technology? What is it?

Through this case we came to know that MSCC lacks complete evaluation of new software, proper planning , effective resources, person with IT knowledge . If it had all these it would have flourished .

6.What should Lassiter do now?

Lassiter being the vice president of Vice President of Marketing and Membership should introduce information system politics into MSCC. He should hire new modem to allow unitrak experts to access new systems.

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