Computer Social Simulation and Modelling Politics

Center for Policy modeling is a Manchester Metropolitan university-based academic website that operates under the slogan “we model anything·eventually!” It is a research-only unit of MMU business school that has focused on complexity science and social simulation. It has strictly stuck to its core agendum since 1992. Scott Moss is the founder of CFPM, with Bruce Edmonds being the current director. It publishes many blogs and papers every week for research and study purposes. My interest in web navigation landed me on this MMU website that has enriched my knowledge and understanding a big deal.

Many blogs and papers on simulation policy and modeling have sharped me to understand this concept from differently broader perspectives. A couple of insights has been gained from interacting with how many researchers approach the idea.

To begin with, I learned that both scope and cognitive context are the determiners of the useful knowledge for any specific situation that people may encounter. Different classes and categories of people meet conditions of various scopes and varying complexities.

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In such scenarios, the scope and cognitive contexts are applied in determining which knowledge best suits and can be applied. Though useful and appearing in a pair, they play different roles. The cognitive framework, commonly CC, is learned using pattern recognition over a long period, but almost impossible to when discovered. It is quick and automatic and socially rooted.

On the contrary, I learnt that scope is enormously reasoned afresh every other time. Such an activity demands much of the concerned’s efforts and commitments.

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The scope is possible to re-evaluate when necessary, and it is more aligned and oriented on an individual being. Besides, I learned how social simulation could help social science deal with concepts. Simulations which represent dealers, that lie within the real context, could be acting with distinctive backgrounds. However, contexts that are designated with a mostly normal behavior need to justify this. Social simulation is probably lacking a category of phenomena that is largely context-based. How social contexts emerge, Cross-cultural interaction where unique backgrounds assumed, Context-based cognitive models in simulations are viable but are extra work.

Finally, from I learned application domains, what cognitive mechanisms are, and the assumptions made. I also learned how cognitive modeling could be made more accessible to other social simulation people, the difficulties faced therein, and how to overcome them. I interacted with a presentation about an ABM of a peer review system and the Impact Factor.

The Cyber Security and Information Analysis Center(CSIAC) is a U.S.A Department of Defense(DoF) Information Analysis Center(IAC). It exists under the sponsorship of the Defense Technical Information Center(DTIC). It is principally mandated to perform the Basic Center of Operations(BCO) functions, paramount to the fulfillment of the mission and goals and objectives applicable to the DoD Research, Development, Test and Evaluation and Acquisition of communities’ needs. The BCO’s specific functions of the collection and dissemination of STI is to the effect that several valuable resources are produced in CSIAC’s key technology areas. Such are cybersecurity, software engineering, modeling, and simulation, etc. With my compelling interest being the concept of simulation and modeling, CSIAc was of significant input. It contributed expansively to my knowledge and understanding on computer simulation and modelling.

I learned a substantial amount of concepts as appertains simulation and modeling, which I initially had no idea about, before visiting the site. I also learned of a practical application of simulation and modeling in the data security field. CSIAC has a Cyber Security Game(CSG). It is a model-based game-theoretic approach, useful in mitigating cybersecurity risk. CSG is implemented using software that quantitatively identifies cybersecurity risks. It then makes use of this metric to determine the optimal employment of security methods for any given investment level. To me, it was such a thrilling application, challenging me and triggering my mind to think more than it is in coming up with real-life practical applications of modeling and simulation. CSIAC has applied this technology to solve the problem of cybersecurity.

Moreover, I came to appreciate the truth that computer modeling and simulation is such a milestone in the technology world, that many bodies, including the government, find adopting it as a not-option. Through the website, I noted that CSIAC advised and recommended DOD and other government agencies for empowerment, to the effect that they make use of modeling and simulation capabilities, including emulators, prototypes, simulators, and stimulators, to develop data as the basis for producing technical and managerial decisions. Every business’s growth or failure is determined by the nature of decisions made by the concerned. Therefore, to ensure companies, government agencies, academic institutions record positive growth in the achievement of their set goals, decision making based on data is vital. Such information is best generated using modeling and simulation techniques. I learned that the best way to way to make accurate technical and managerial decisions is to apply modeling and simulation techniques. Finally, I learned that the different methodologies in modeling and simulation could be used in a wide range of topics. Such topics include stellar dynamics, popular evolution, fluid motion, to mention a few.


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Computer Social Simulation and Modelling Politics

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