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Computer security Essay Examples

Essay on Computer security

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Introduction to Information Security

Implementation of encryption between workstation and WAP is crucial. LAN-to-WAN domain is where the infrastructure links to a wide area network and internet. A few issues include unauthorized network probing and port scanning. To resolve this issue disable ping, probing and port scanning on all exterior IP devices within the domain. Another major issue is unauthorized access through the LAN-to-WA...

Align Risk, Threats, & Vulnerabilities

* Information - Social engineering/ install web filtering software. * Application – Malicious and non-malicious threats consist of inside attacks by disgruntled or malicious employees and outside attacks by non-employees just looking to harm and disrupt an organization/ computer security, software quality, and data quality programs. * Infrastructure – Terrorist organizations, both foreign and ...

Chapter 2 Exercises & Case Exercises

1. How do Fred, Gladys, and Charlie perceive the scope and scale of the new information security effort? a. Charlie’s proposed information security plan aims at securing business software, data, the networks, and computers which store information. The scope of the information security effort is quite vast, aiming at securing each vulnerability – in addition to the aforementioned, the new infor...

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Chapter 2 Exercises & Case Exercises

1. How do Fred, Gladys, and Charlie perceive the scope and scale of the new information security effort? a. Charlie’s proposed information security plan aims at securing business software, data, the networks, and computers which store information. The scope of the information security effort is quite vast, aiming at securing each vulnerability – in addition to the aforementioned, the new infor...

Ipremier Dos Attack

This aspect of the security solution should definitely be examined and taken into consideration. Allowing management and IT staff to be involved in the Company’s security solution will help keep up security awareness in the workplace as well. One person may miss a potential threat that another staff member could recognize. Someone as plugged in and competent as Ripley should only be allowed to m...

Computer security for Richman Investments

Placing additional restrictions, firewalls and or another password authentication is mandatory for protecting all personal information. After careful consideration, I believe the layers discussed in this report explain the cause and affects that “Internal Use Only” data standards have on the IT Infrastructure. I believe security priority in these areas should be carefully monitored, updated an...

Operating System


Cyber Security India

•Indian government’s own Central Monitoring System (CMS) project. •roughly 160 million users are already being subjected to wide-ranging surveillance and monitoring, much of which is in violation of the government’s own rules and notifications for ensuring “privacy of communications”. • While the CMS is in early stages of launch, investigation shows that there already exists — with...


Governed by laws to protect customer’s personal data, the company must have a strong security standard as part of the IT Security Policy Framework. Focusing on the data classification standard “Internal Use Only”, the company needs to plan for any affects caused in the User, Workstation and LAN domains to prevent personal data loss or corruption. One way is to make sure that employees have s...

Computer security

13. When auditing an organization for compliance, what role does IT security policies and an IT security policy framework play in the compliance audit? They play a very important role. Managers are responsible for placing and monitoring IT controls on systems. Senior managers are responsible for making the organization meet governance requirements. System administrators are responsible for impleme...

Information Security


PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry

According to Visa, no compromised entity has yet been found to be in compliance with PCI DSS at the time of a breach. Assessments examine the compliance of merchants and services providers with the PCI DSS at a specific point in time and frequently utilize a sampling methodology to allow compliance to be demonstrated through representative systems and processes. It is the responsibility of the me...

Barangay profiling system

A Computer Information Service represents a giant leap in computerized system of barangay transactions and records handling. They can provide up-to-the information with relatively little effort on the part of the user and put a huge amount of information within easy, convenient and comfortable reach. Not mentioning the security and integrity of the transactions and of the documents it also provide...

Information Technology security control

Procedural Controls are an organizations policies and procedures that all employees must follow for each specific circumstance for which they were written. Examples of these include: security awareness and training, incident response plans, and change controls. Some of these procedures will include step-by-step instructions that must be adhered to handle each topic; whereas others will be more gen...

Multi-layered security Plan

THE BEST DEFENSE: - Attentive Employees and Corporate Policies: We can implement many effective technological solutions, but the most essential piece of a secure business is a company of people who understand the various dangers and the role they play in preventing them. One regularly quoted statistic is that 80% of security breaches come from inside the company. Strong security requires strong co...

TJX the largest-ever consumer data breach

The case refers to an incident in which an employee chose to blog about TJX’s ineffective cybersecurity strategies. In this blog, it describes various dysfunctions that allowed hackers to gain access to important information with ease. In order to prevent such incidences from happening again, TJX could conduct simulated cyber-attacks. 3. It’s imperative that management and IT are aligned in th...

The Role of Information Security Policy

Realtime Publishers. Developing and Maintaining Policies Retrieved 3/10/2014 from http://searchsecurity.techtarget.com/feature/Developing-and-Maintaining-PoliciesSymantec (2010) Importance of Corporate Security Policy Retrieved 3/10/2014 from http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/security/Content/security.articles/corp.security.policy.htmlReck, R. (2011, May 18) Every Employee is a Securit...

Opinion on Internet Privacy

In my opinion, I would say that is it not legal or ethical to use your neighbor’s internet signal without their permission. Being a person who pays for internet service, I think that it is unfair to have someone else use your internet service at their convenience and not have to pay anything at all. Also because it is still unclear what information may be able to be seen or accessed by others I ...

Security Analyzer (MBSA)

There are many tools and suites designed to aid the security practitioner and the organization in implementing and managing change management. In this lab, you explored two such tools for the Windows platform: Group Policy Objects (built into the Windows operating systems) and the Microsoft Security Baseline Analyzer (provided free of charge). You used Group Policy Objects to strengthen the organi...

Acceptable Use Policy

Richman Investments management is responsible for the periodic auditing and reporting of compliance with this policy. Violation of this policy may results in disciplinary action that may include counseling and/or termination, depending upon the seriousness of the infraction. Any employee may anonymously report policy violations via Richman Investments’ Intranet or by telephone at 303-303-3030. I...


Cybersecurity is obviously will continue to be important. Efforts have to mad now to safeguard computer and Internet users. This can be achieved first through information made available at the point of purchase; tell people about security. Then, computer accessories Unit should have also succinct information for their customers. Internet service providers have a big role to play: they need to prep...

Cyber security threats

com/articles/144/1/Recognizing-and-Avoiding-Spyware/Page1. html. National Cyber Alert System (n. d): Cyber Security Tip: Good Security Habits. Retrieved on 25th March 2009 from, http://www. us-cert. gov/cas/tips/ST04-003. html. National Cyber Alert System (n. d): Cyber Security Tip: Understanding Hidden Threats: Corrupted Software Files. Retrieved on 25th March 2009 from, http://www. us-cert. gov/...

Access Control Proposal

Passwords must be protected at all times and must be changed at least every 90 days. User access rights must be reviewed at regular intervals. It is a user’s responsibility to prevent their userID and password being used to gain unauthorised access to IDI systems. Partner agencies or 3rd party suppliers must not be given details of how to access the IDI network without permission from IT Helpde...

Network Security Plan

BEST: Network Security Policy and Procedures. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.ct.gov/best/cwp/view.asp?a=1245&q=253996 Example Security Plan. (2014, November 17). Retrieved from http://www.binomial.com/security_plan/example_security_plan_template.php Hardening Network Infrastructure Security Recommendations for System Accreditors. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.nsa.gov/ia/_files/factshee...

Handling of information in social care settings

The Public Interest Disclosure Act provides workers with protection from dismissal or other damage as a result of making a disclosure of information in the public interest about wrongdoing at work. Such disclosures are protected if they are done according to the Act’s provisions. Disclosures may be made to the employer, prescribed regulatory bodies or on a wider basis to the Police. The Act’s ...

DITSCAP/ Orange Book

The assurance can be established for the business, the components and systems of the security. Therefore, certification leads to the assurance of a certain system in relation to its environment whereas accreditation shows whether the impacts linked with the system are either weak, tolerable or if they cannot be accepted at all. (Wong and Yeung, 2009). References Lee, S. E. (1999). Essays About Com...

Ethical Hacking

It allows examining the data which is present in disk or file and can capture the data. This is also known as Wire shark. It has many powerful features which have very rich display filter language and ability to view the TCP session. Another cracking tool Aircrack is the fastest available cracking tool (John Hyuk Park, Hsiao-Hwa Chen and Mohammed Atiquzzaman, 2009). Thus proper tools and technique...

PHP Remote File Include (RFI)

When auditing an organization for compliance, what role does IT security policies and an IT security policy framework play in the compliance audit? a. The security used to protect the company is changed and updated based on the policies that are in place. These policies must include any and all parts of compliance requirements based on the type of organization. 14. When performing a security asses...

Reaction Paper Information Security

At the end of the day, I was very thankful for this seminar about Information Security. This seminar opened a new career path for me and taught me new things. Mr. Samaniego and Mr. Aguila were truly knowledgeable people from the field of InfoSec and I was lucky to meet them and listened to all their advices and lessons. I realized that Information Technology offers a broad career path and we must ...

Federal Agency Security Practices (FASP)

This tip gives best practices for implementing such mandates and others. ... challenges behind operational integration of security and network management. NIST Updates Computer Security Guides - Government - Security - www.informationweek.com/.../security/nist...security.../24000...Jul 30, 2012 – Guidelines focus on wireless security and protecting mobile devices ... how federal agencies and bus...

Internet security

The lack of real understanding on the implications of new developments in information technology within a critical and analytical framework will always lead to incorrect assumptions. Information technology may have brought advances in today’s world but coupled with it are contentious issues that need to be resolved immediately. Security issues that came about merely signal the weaknesses of the ...

Computer Security Measures

In gathering data procedure, first the researchers conceptualized what study to conduct and arrived to a research title “Level of Awareness and Utilization of All First Year BSIT students about Computer Security Measures”. The research title was approved by the research adviser with the panel of examiners. After the approval of the title, a questionnaire was established to answer the research ...

Information and Computer Security


Virus, Trojans and Malware

Everybody in the organization has the part to play in maintaining the security of a firm .The IT management should formulate a fool-proof IT policy, while non-IT management should take Security aspects on priority basis and should take decisions that put a premium onto it. The employees on their part should obey the security policies and act responsibly. The end user should also own up his respons...

Antivuris Programs

One Technique that antivirus programs use to identify a virus is to look for virus signatures, or virus definitions, which are known specific patterns of virus code. According to Shelly and Cashman (Antivirus Programs), many vendors of antivirus programs allow registered users to update virus signature files automatically from the Web at no cost for a specified time. Updating the Antivirus program...

Administrative Controls

Policies and procedures play an important role in the effective implementation of enterprise-wide information programs within the federal government and the success of the resulting security measures employed to protect federal information and information systems. As a result, organizations must develop formal, documented policies and procedures governing the minimum security requirements standard...

Ethics of Online Air Ticket Reservations Systems

Privacy policy; through providing privacy policy page in the system, Customers will be aware of how their information are being used in an organization. And make sure that customer’s information is not released to other organization without customers consent. Equality of accessing system and performing regular functions such as book for flight, viewing schedule etc. anybody can be able to view t...

Cyber Threats

Next you can prepare for intrusions by getting ready for detection and response. You also need to make sure you detect intrusions quickly when they do occur. You also need to respond to intrusions quickly to ensure you minimize the damage to your systems. Lastly you need to improve your security to help protect against future attacks. There are thousands of ways to help protect against cyber terro...

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