Computer: Related Studies and Definitions Essay

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Computer: Related Studies and Definitions

is a string of characters used for authenticating a user on a computer system.

refers to technologies used to detect and recognize human physical characteristics. In the ITworld, biometrics is often synonymous with “biometric authentication,” a type of security authorization based on biometric input.

A legal entity that controls and directs a servant or worker under an express or implied contract of employment and pays (or is obligated to pay) him or her salary or wages in compensation.

Payroll Administrator
defined as a person in an organization who is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the employees within the firm are paid accurately and timely. Payroll administrators can either be working on site or outsourced.

Something transacted, especially a business agreement or exchange.

Computer Program(Program)
a sequence of instructions, stored in any medium, that can be interpreted and executed by a computer; – called most frequently a program. This term is used both for the written program (a document) and for its corresponding electronic version stored or executed on the computer.

Microsoft Disk Operating System. A computer operating system for personal computers, which has largely been replaced by the more common Windows operating system.

MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) was the Microsoft-marketed version of the first widely-installed operating system in personal computers. It was essentially the same operating system that Bill Gates’s young company developed for IBM as Personal Computer

Window Based
(Windows-based; upper case “W”) Refers to hardware and software that use Microsoft Windows.

201 file
In most organization, commonly use office forms are standardized and numbered. In this case, an office form numbered 201 is classified as the personal data sheet. Hence, a 201 file contains the personal information of an employee.

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