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Computer Program and Level Exam

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Essay, Pages 2 (336 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (336 words)

Introduction: Goal of the report Goal of the project Preview of methods and results Methods: Steps you took or actions you did Results: Tell what you discovered in a table or a graph Discussion: Significance of what you found out Recommendations Goals achieved or not Questions raised SESSION ABOUT NAVIGATING THE INTERNET IMRD REPORT The goal of this IMRD report is to describe what I have learned in the session about using the Preimavera program.

The goal of this project was to learn how to plan a project from its beginning to the end using a computer program.

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This report will inform the reader of the methods used, results reached and goals achieved. Methods: Level exam The level exam is basically an exam to know how good your computer skills like sending data through the internet. It’s a simple exam but it is necessary. Theoretical method The first three sessions are mainly theoretical sessions.

Where you learn how to plan a project manually without the computer program by using node diagrams and other planning methods Practical method The rest of the sessions are practical sessions where the teacher explains how to operate the program and gives you a small project to plan and helps you master it.

Final test The last step is the test you take where you plan a whole project and according to the result you get a certificate that you have mastered the preimavera. Results: Results| Methods|

I knew that I was qualified for this course| Level exam| I learned how to plan a project without a computer program| Theoretical method| I learned how to operate the program| Practical method| To get a certificate that I mastered the preimavera| Final test| Discussion: The results above show that I have met my goal for learning how to work on Preimavera program, and I found out that anyone could learn how to use this program, and I still have to learn other planning programs like CANDY.

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