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Computer Organization and the Future of Technology

Categories Computers, Consciousness, Future, Human, Mind, Organization, Psychology, Technology

Essay, Pages 4 (900 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (900 words)

Triumphant College Allen Riaz Egerer 2018019056 Computer Organization Assignment

Contents Introduction· Page 3 Communication infrastructure· Page 4 Virtual Worlds· Page 4 Human Consciousness· Page 5 Implant Chips· Page 5 Artificial Intelligence· Page 5 Automation· Page 5 Interstellar Travel· Page 6 Robots· Page 6 Holograms· Page 6 Generic Engineering· Page 7 Conclusion· Page 7

Introduction Where computers will be in a 100 years? This is a base’s of theory’s of the possibility of where computer development could be within the next 100 years. The possibilities such as AI, living on other planets , holograms and so much more.

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Standard telecommunications infrastructure will be ceased. A study by several futurists shows that the world of telecommunication could change through the use of quantum mechanics. This is through tests that have already started with quantum distribution through space, this means that fiber optics cables, cell towers will eventually be obsolete. Data will be able be transmitted instantaneously without the need for these structures. Virtual worlds will become a thing, one will be able to live multiple virtual lives, in these virtual lives a person can have different economic status’s, social status’s.

A person could virtually escape from one life into another. Computer’s will reach a point where we can see drastic improvements in life expectancy improvement, living to 100 of years. Theory’s have been thrown around even of the human consciousness been able to transferred onto a piece of technology, thereby giving the chance of “immortality”.

Another futurist theory is that, technology is going get to a point where at birth we shall be given implant chips, these chips shall record everything from life events, to credit scores.

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This could be accessed or seen through our retina. So as an example when wants a loan you could be scored or checked instantaneously and be given right away the amount you qualify for, the interest rate and so fourth. Artificial Intelligence could become a part of us as at birth we get sensors and chips installed in us. These will monitor all our vitals; it will be able to identify risks in us or potential problems. Parents could pinpoint the location of their children, this will improve the safety of the world, if there is problems the AI could send out distress signals including your location and even be able photograph and send out to show what is happening. Automation will reach new levels. This could increase the unemployment of the world as those with non special skills will not be able get a job, such as cashiers, drivers, as they will be replaced by AI, from smart speed points, to self driving cars. Automotive will become safer, as self driving will be the thing, since all car’s will run on a network, things such as excessive speeding, poor human driving errors will be out of the equation. We will essentially forget how to drive as it will no longer be a requirement With the improvement in technology we will be able to live on other planets, interstellar travel will now become a thing, people wont just be living in different countries but different planets , as we will be able travel places that our current level of technology just can’t, as well as be sustainable to live on the other planets. Robots will be in full swing, they will be able help do things such as clean around the house, get the car, works in stores doing cashier jobs for example. Jobs that are risky to human life will now be done by these robots General things such as TV and all wont be around anymore, technology will become so advanced that we will be able watch things such as Netflix on a pair of glasses, we will have holograms.

Generic engineering will be a thing, that we will be able to affect the genetic outcome of us as human beings, such as height, weight and so fourth. We could reach what is called the singularity, this is where the human mind becomes one with Artificial intelligence, where AI will surpass the human intelligence. With generic engineering we could see the results of people been born for specifications such as sports, height could be changed to suit that sport, so as advantageous as it can be the benefit of technology there is a lot of downside to it as well as the possibility of us losing our humanity, as with the advancements of technology we could end up integrating and relying more and more on technology. As we are in 2019 we can see how much the technological age has taken over, we use it to do almost every single task, from calculating, to communicating with people, as it advances the addiction to technology gets more so these are the kind of things that in a 100 years we could become so dependent on. That is why currently there is the war for 5g, as whoever essentially will own 5g will own technology moving forward.

These are all possible scenarios that have been put fourth with the advancement of technology. The world of technology in 100 years, will be something we can only see at the moment in movies, but it is believed these theories will come to light within the next 100 years.


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