Computer Memory Hacking Essay

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Computer Memory Hacking

Hacking of memory or hacking of RAM describes when a person or person(s) gains unauthorized access to the RAM (random access memory) of a computer system. There a couple of reasons that one might participate in hacking the memory of a computer system. One reason that a person may attempt to gain unauthorized access to a computer is simply to demonstrate  that they are capable of doing so. By demonstrating this skill, the hacker (the person gaining unauthorized access) has shown that the security of the computer system can be penetrated.

This is often useful when the owner of the computer system wants to ensure its security is optimal. Another reason a person or person(s) would want to access a computer systems RAM without the owners permission would be to gain information from that computer system. That information may or may not include personal data such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, credit card information, account numbers, and other pertinent information that thieves could use to gain financially.

Hackers use many tools and techniques to penetrate the security of the computer system that they choose to attack. Some techniques can include dns spoofing, packet sniffers, social engineering, and trojan horses. DNS spoofing occurs when the hacker changes the DNS entry on a server and redirects the browser to an alternate site. This method is often used to steal usernames, passwords, or other personal information. Packet sniffers were originally designed for administrators to debug their systems. They are devices that intercept and interpret packets of information crossing a network. Social engineering is the method of obtaining personal information and network information through deception or manipulation. For example, pretending to be an employee who forgot their username/password. Trojan horse programs are often referred to as the “back door” to computer systems.

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