Are computer games good or bad for you?

In this case study I will be debating the good’s and the bad’s about computer games.

Computer games, video games box’s and ps3’s,this world wide phenomenon truly is the craze of the century, it’s was invented in the late 1940’s on the bases of cathode ray tube-based missile defence testing, the first commercial game was invented by Charly Adama in 1960, was a tennis game called (1)“bouncing ball” where the two paddles on the sides, which could be moved up and down all in aid to stop a picture tennis ball hitting the sides,so,with it all being worth a staggering $22 billion and clocking an estimate of 12 billion games a year is all good or, are there secret bad points that make this industry a dangerous disaster.

Computer games are

good for you-Reaction times

Reaction times, a quality that everyone’s and to be honest everyone needs, the ability to have good reaction times is the ability think on the spot, to successfully move without thinking about it and to keep one step ahead of the game.

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But do computer games really increase your reaction time?,yes,yes they do and this done by the certain part of the body sending a message full of instructions up the spinal cord to the brain and reaction time is how fast the brain receives that message, the faster the signal is received, the faster the person’s reaction time is.

Being a hot discussion item, scientific testing (1) has been done, consisting of a group of gamers and non-gamers having to use a reaction test board (this board lights up at different points and different times, to turn the lights off the example has push it) to display there reaction time, the gamers got an average of 100 milliseconds faster then normal non-gamers this normally seems like nothing but actually it huge amount and when talking about reaction times, it separates gamers and non gamers massively.

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To prove this on page 3 is a graph, this graph illustrates the errors made on a reaction test board by 500 people; in last place with 5224 errors made was the people who had never played computer games before, this is because there brains hadn’t been trained an adapted to the speedy reactions secondly, was the 0-3 hours a week played and in first place was the 3 hours plus, this again, is because their brains had been trained to send the message to hit the light quicker because of there game play experience.

Computer games are good for you-Good for laparoscopic

Laparoscopic surgery, a new type surgery that’s only been put into practise in the last 5 years are so, to be precisce,laparoscopic surgery is new way to check the insides of certain organs further more, an insigision is inserted onto a selected area normally near the organ that is up for inspection then, a port ( a plastic tube to me and you) is placed in side the body followed by a camera that is then operated to the organ where, of a TV monitor, doctors will complete an analysis, so, what does this have to do with computer games I hear you say?.

Well, a scientific test has been done by,Sunanda Sadandanan from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM.A test where Participants performed three timed laparoscopic tasks on a pelvic trainer as a pre-test. Next, subjects had 10 minutes of playing time on a video game. For the post-test, subjects again performed three timed laparoscopic tasks on the pelvic trainer. Tasks that were performed were intended to measure hand–eye coordination, ambidexterity, and depth perception.

Paired-samples were used to measure differences between the pre- and post-tests: There was a significant difference between pegs that were transferred and between the number of pegs dropped .There was also a significant difference in the pre- and post-tests on cutting open a filled condom .Last, the number of rubber bands stretched in the pre- and post-tests was significantly different In conclusion, playing video games improves laparoscopic skills and time to complete the tasks.

Computer games are good for you-Good for eyesight

Yes you heard it right, it has been scientifically in the Usa by Daphne Bavelier of the University of Rochester in New York that computer games like call of duty 2 and unreal tournament 2004 are good for your eyes in many different ways.

After many years and many accusations that video games are good for your eyes, it’s been proved that it’s the complete opposite and actually shoot em up games increase your eyes awareness to certain shades, mainly grey, also after playing these types of games subjects eye pick up key elements to there gaming surroundings. To prove after a test was undertaken by Daphne Bavelier of the University of Rochester in New York, the test consist of 22 students divied into two groups. One group played the action games Call of Duty 2 and Unreal Tournament 2004. A second played The Sims 2, a game they said does not require as much hand-eye coordination.

The two groups played 50 hours of their assigned games over the course of nine weeks. At the end of the training, the action game players showed an average of 43 per cent improvement in their ability to discern close shades of grey, while the Sims players showed none.In internet interveiw Ms Bavelier siad “Well-practiced action gamers became 58 per cent better at perceiving fine differences in contrast”(1) and “’When people play action games, they’re changing the brain’s pathway responsible for visual processing. These games push the human visual system to the limits and the brain adapts to it”(1)

So, in conclusion,because of the nature of shoot em up games they require a high level of consertration,awerness and good vision,after playing these sort of games for period of time the visual part of you brian gets trained and improved to it can’t pick up things like certan shades and fast moving objects,this won’t be found in a non gamer.

Computer games are bad for you-Addiction

Addiction,the biggest down point to the this highly blooming industary,with over a million case’s of gaming addictive across the global,massive media coverage and serveal traggredtic suicide case’s, is it time to ban this addictive disarster?.

In may 2009 a boy in bangkok of the age of 12 years old took his own life by jumping off his schools 6 story high veranda,what could possible drive a boy of so young to take his own life?, a ban form his parents on him playing computer games,that’s what. Researchers at theUniversity of Rochester and Immersyve, Inc. investigated what motivates gamers to continue playing video games. According to lead investigator Richard Ryan, they believe that players play for more reasons than fun alone.

Richard Ryan, a “motivational psychologist” at Rochester, says “many video games satisfy basic psychological needs, and players often continue to play because of rewards, freedom, and a connection with other players”(1) further more, one of the many reasons why gamers choose to play these addictive games is because there stressed,something’s streesed them during the day and they need an aid to help calm them down,there answer is computer games,with games like sims 2 where the objective is to raise a family and build an emipre the player feels relaxed and happy this is triggered by a chemical called serotonin,a chemical relseased by the brain to make you feel happy.

In conclusion,after playing these games for more then ten minues and having high levels of serotoning flowing through the body the gamer gets distracts,pulled in and basically hypertisted by this wonderfull world,this all resulting in,not doing improtant things such homework,instrument practise,sorting out family birthdays and shocking enough,in some server case,not even eating,drink or sleeping.

Computer games are bad for you-Health problems

Second to none on the worst points to gaming is health problems from obesity to bad posture, Muscle strain to hurting joints there are many horrible health problem to name but in this argument I will putting forward a couple of the worst.

Firstly,obesity,believe it or not gamers have the on life style, late nights, violent games, sitting down and fast food but with the terrible combination of fast food and sitting down in could on mean one thing, future health problems, once foods like burgers and chips are digested along with there secret fats the fat has entered the body they go straight to the blood system where it is them carried to the liver, some of the fat is burnt off at the liver and others are turned in to substances like cholesterol this means thins such as heart disease and liver cancer more over, the rest of the fat is sent to the fat cells where then waits to be burnt of but, with no excersie it’s left there unburnt and not used, meaning it builds up in things like your arteries this causing terrible problems like heart attacks and many cancers.Dr Benthem from leeds university stress’s “more needs to be done by the government to get kids away from there consoles and doing excersie”(1).

Secondly, 9 out of 10 gamers suffer from bad posture, this is a very big problem that causes things such as,chronic joint pain and limited range of motion in your shoulders, spine, hips, knees, ankles, feet and increases the risk of slipping a spinal disc, dislocating any joints and a lack of cartilage in between the joints. How is this caused?, this is caused when you have bad posture, your bones move out of alignment, shifting the balance of weight and putting unnecessary stress on your joints. Over time, bad posture results in misalignment of the bones.

In conclusion, this shocking fact is subjected to gamers as the numerous number of hours sat slumped in bad position in front of computer screens all adds up and if not stop quickly will cause severer pain to joints plus, what’s worse is after the affects of bad posture kick in it’s very hard to treat them.

Computer games are bad for you-Increase in violence

In 2002 a 17 year old boy in America was arrested after brutally killing a man whilst out working his dog, when the cops caught the boy and asked “why did you do that?” the boy replied “ I saw it on my game, Man haunt!”(1).

So what is it in games that spur such violence and hatred into their players, well in the gaming industry there are many key facts that keep improving such as,graphics,big TVs and better sound systems this in resulting in the experience of a game not begin a game any more but more of a real experience more over, this sense of the experience triggers the brain to release chemicals one of them being adrenaline, this races through your body and gives the feeling over invincibility, this is why people go and commit murders, because they think there invincibility and they can get away with it.

A test was conducted by Dr. Anderson, of Iowa State University, it consisted of 230 students doing several test to average the aggressive levels then, then half sat down and played a violent game such as doom 3 or call of duty 3 and the rest played a interactive but calm game called Sims 2 for 30 minutes afterwards, their aggression levels were measured again, the results showed the everyone’s aggression level who had played the violent games had risen, and risen highly on average 13% higher further more, the half that played the Sims game didn’t show half the levels of aggression in comparison to the other half.

Dr Anderson said “ the high levels of aggression from the violent game group weren’t surpising,these games are developed in such a way that it makes you feel like you in the game, but once the game is over you still feel like your in the game and that’s when violent acts are committed”(2) he also said “if the group playing the calm Sims 2 game carried on they would be more likely to receive higher grades then the other group”(3).


This is highly debatable topic, being a multi billion industry and an audience of around 12 billions players it has attracted lots of publicity for almost all its life, but, are computer games good, or, bad for you?.

After mainly hours of reading, writing and consideration my personal view is that yes, computer games are good for you. I have come to this conclusion over many reasons firstly, from my own personal experience, many reviews and lots of research I believe that games such as, runescape, Sims 2 and age of empire are very educational and can teach kids from history to maths, English to science they all prompt this in a fun and learnable way.

Secondly, its one thing to improve muscle tone or things like friendships but to actually improve the brain is a completely different thing, an amazing thing, that will help massively in later life and the only place I know that trains brains is games, games that can be bought cheaply, played with family and friends and widens your knowledge and abilities.

Finally, the eyes, second to the brain in the part of the body that’s confuses and amazes scientists the most but yet, a simple game like call of duty 4 or doom 3 can teach the eyes to pick up certain shades like grey and green and also to capture quick moving objects before it’s to late this, if in the army, can be thing that allows you to shot the enemy be for he shots you.

In conclusion, in this report I have put out a balanced argument to my question, are computer games good or bad for you?, uncovered research to those burning questions and have given my points and views, I personally believe the government should be doing more to tackle the problems such as game violence, higher age rating and hard penalties to kid caught on ages above there age limit, addiction, the government should make the problem of addiction more public so put information on the side of games and consoles warning people, and finally, health problems the government should be co-operating with the gaming industries so they could involve more movement of the player and the also with the sports industries so they can do things like put local sports club information onto consoles.

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