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Computer Games Addiction

Categories: AddictionComputers

Nowadays, rate of violence and aggression among teenagers are increased. This is one the most important problem faced by today’s parents. This has prompted feel uncomfortable by the parents when their children were less active in other areas. Based on statistics that showed by Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) in 2011,that 25 % of teenagers under 18 years old, had been addicted to play computer games regularly. From the statistics statement, we know that quarter of teenagers population age group had been tend to play computer games will spend more in front of computer games than do other activities.

Computer games well known as a medium of terror type, some games also adapted by fairytales books,and also, there are many type of genre that people known as violence, unrated version and bad scene on the computer games. Thomas Schatz describes the general plot structure of the genre film as, establishment,animation, intensification and resolution. That genre will lead effects to our teenagers physically,mentally and socially.

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On the other hand, totally not the genre of the computer game brought our children to play addictly, but, also related to other environment problem.

We can say those computer games same goes as film production, they produce without specified the genre . According to Catriona Ross (2011), producer shuld not make profit produce movies or computer games without think the negative impacts towards the future generations especially children. One of the effects of playing computer games on teenagers is that they affect the physically. This is because, there are too many consequences of playing computer games too often especially on teenagers.

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Example of effects on physically is, it may lead them be an obesity person if they keep with this unhealthy hobby.

In addition, after playing computer games, those teenagers will eat food and after that, they further to play the computer games without outdoor exercise and basically, in their bodies there is a lot of calories accumulated. Secondly, they are prone to migraine disease. This because,sudden changes in sleep pattern (McBride, 2010). Too much playing computer games, without they realizing it, they will go through their bedtime because they are too dull jack until late at night. This may affect their sleep time and will cause migraine disease occurs during or after a few hours playing computer games.

Migraine happened if skipping meals while playing games (McBride, 2010). Delay or not take food, will couse the migraine disease among children, and this habit is not make their parents happy in monitoring their children. Thirdly, it may lead them lack in physical shape. This is because, they rarely exercise and done some sweaty activities that make thir body more healthy. In such a tempo, they will lose their body shape, and here the occurernece of fattening and obesity among teenagers. Another effect of playing computer games on teenagers is mentally.

What is most important is the mental controlling of the teenagers. Teenagers like a plain “pendrive” that in the beginning of lesson, they study many bad thing that influence their mind or mentally. Firstly, aggressive behavioral problem. This is what we called, mind that influence all the body flows, the children will easily lost their emotional control. They like to rebel to many thing that they dissatisfied. More of that, they being rude to other people. They felt that environment make them suffocated. Secondly, increase their depression and anxiety problem.

We can say they had problem in sleeping and concentrating (Barbee,1998). We could say that they difficult to control their body, even what he want to do automatically it will stop. When other people in conversation with those children, these children likewise not concentrate on the situation. These children will having nervousness attitude (Barbee, 1998). Nervous is normally happen to some children, but, we can’t assure that the nervous form, wether it will dissappear before they reached adultness. And after that, irritability (Barbee, 1998). Thirdly, they will confuse between fantasy and reality.

For example, they hardly to accept real environment. Basically, they need to spend more time with other people to let them appreciate the environment especially their parents. One more example is, they tend to stay inside room, because, they felt safe in there, parents should teach them and introducing them about this ‘mini world’ that belongs to their. One other effect of computer games on teenagers is that they affect them socially. Children easy to influence by what other people doing. When they effected of the computer games they will be socially isolated.

Example, during at the school they will unable or difficult to make friends with other children because they feel anxious. Beside that, they also to avoid from outdoor activities and rather to spend their times to play computer games in the house. When they unable to mixed with other children, their self – confidence will decrease. This is because, they less speak in front of other people and also felt they left by other community. Thirdly, they will learn bad language from the games that they played. Example, when they heard regularly each bad word in video game scene they will try to said it frequently.

In addition, when they playing computer games, they also will wanna try to said the bad language to become like the character in the video game that they played because they think it was good. As discussed above, it is obvious that computer games brought effects on teenagers physically, mentally and socially. It is believed we as parent, teacher and society to guide or make a ways either they can use the skills they learn on computer games for their own benefit or opposite for their own experience to go through rough life in the future.

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