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Computer Fraud

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Undertaking 1

( 6.c ) Importance and Effectiveness of Legal Regulation in Computer Fraud


In today ‘s universe due to the promotion in the modern engineering there has been ever job originating related with computing machines particularly computing machine fraud & A ; abuse. Peoples who are utilizing computing machines are deceived in many ways like plan fraud, system hacking, e-mail fraud, auction, retail gross revenues, investing strategies, information hacking, virus/worm onslaughts and people claiming to be experts on capable countries. Anyone who uses the computing machine with an internet connexion is a possible campaigner for being a victim of computing machine fraud.

The computing machine fraud rate is increasing every twenty-four hours as the internet use among the people additions, most of the people are utilizing the computing machines and cyberspace for a good cause but there are some people who are deliberately utilizing the computing machines to convey down some organisations or concern houses or to acquire peoples personal information. But due to the execution of current legal ordinances in each and every Fieldss ; the offense people started to acquire tracked down and are punished under the Computer Misuse Act, which may finally cut down the figure of computing machine fraud rate in the hereafter.


Over the past decennaries the sum of fiscal, military and intelligence information, concern informations and personal information is stored on and transmitted by computing machines has increased by enormous growing. All the major sectors like authorities and military operations wholly depend upon computing machines / cyberspace for their work procedure and informations transmittal.

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The information which is stored and transmitted via cyberspace will be vulnerable to assail from any unknown beginning ; about every organisation has been affected in some manner due to the computing machine fraud. “The British National Computer Centre reported that more than 80 % of British organisations suffered security menace in the last two years” [ 5 ] , most of the probe revealed that the computing machine fraud occurred involves unauthorized entree to computing machines via the cyberspace. The current growing in the engineering suggest that within a decennary it will be possible for every individual in the universe to entree all the information web including the security defense mechanism informations and authorities sections personal information but it is in the manus of the people to do certain that they do non misapply the available information. Other than the addition in the figure of computing machine users, there will be besides addition in the figure of computing machines per individual. Each individual will have and link to 100s of computing machines for information processing through web environment. In the

hereafter all the people will utilize computing machines in place contraptions, phones, telecastings, offices and cars ; all these computing machines portion the information to optimise the usage of resources and to supply convenience in day-to-day life which might ensue in a menace for computing machine fraud.

In this context we will discourse about the elaborate term of

* Computer fraud

* Causes for computing machine fraud

* Types of computing machine fraud/attacks

* Basic ways to forestall computing machine fraud apart from legal ordinance.

* Importance / Effectiveness of the legal ordinance in computing machine fraud.

Computer Fraud

Basically computing machine fraud is defined as taking control entree illicitly or stealing information without others knowledge, computing machine fraud can take topographic point in any signifier ; it includes fraud committed by an employee of a company utilizing the computing machine to steal financess or information from the work company, whereas some people use misrepresentation to derive entree to single resources. Therefore the type and the method carried out to make the computing machine fraud vary from people to people depending upon the demand to make it.

Causes for computing machine fraud

Most of the computing machine fraud is done for the chief intent of deriving money either by stealing the needed information from large organizations/firms or straight stealing financess from large organizations/firms. There are few people who are non concerned about the money or information but they wanted to convey down the celebrity of the organization/firm so they reveal all the secrets of the peculiar organisation and few people like hackers does the computing machine fraud/crime merely for a merriment.

Types of computing machine fraud

Computer fraud can be classified into many types depending upon the fraud committed but the major classifications of fraud are mentioned below. All the computing machine crime/fraud taking topographic point now a twenty-four hours comes under these chief classs.

o Internet auction/Bid gross revenues fraud

o Retail gross revenues

o Investment strategies

o Identity larceny

O Phising

O Credit card fraud

o Information hacking

o Email fraud

o Virus/Worm onslaught

o Letter cozenage

O Ad ware

All these types of computing machine frauds are caused chiefly due to the promotion in the engineering and offense is still turning around the universe.

Basic ways to forestall computing machine fraud apart from legal ordinance

The most of import thing to make to forestall computing machine fraud is to be watchful to the cozenages that are circulated over the cyberspace so that it helps to safeguard the system and the information stored within the system, there are some basic regulations to be followed in order to forestall the system from computing machine fraud

O Users should be cognizant of non to print any of their personal inside informations on the web sites or forums.

o The organization/firms should non air much of their concern inside informations on the cyberspace.

O Organizations/firms should guarantee that they follow security policies, and processs.

o Peoples working at places or organisation should guarantee that earlier directing any personal information on the net should look into for valid signatures.

Internet auction/bid gross revenues fraud

O Understand the manner how the auction/bidding plants on the cyberspace, believe what is the demand for the marketer to sell it.

o Check out what will be actions taken by the online marketer if something goes incorrect during dealing and cargo.

o Try to happen more information about the marketer ; if the lone information you have is the concern electronic mail Idaho, look into the Better Business Bureau where the seller/business is located

o Examine the marketer ‘s feedback on old gross revenues, if the marketer has good history and good feedback on old gross revenues ; so there is no demand to worry about the purchase.

o Determine what method of payment the marketer is inquiring for during the dealing.

o Be cognizant of the difference in Torahs regulating auctions between the U.K. and other states like U.S, China. If a job occurs with the auction dealing that has the marketer in one state and a purchaser in another state, it might ensue in a doubtful result go forthing you empty handed.

o Be certain to inquire the marketer about when bringing can be expected and warranty/exchange information for the merchandise.

O To avoid unexpected costs, happen out whether transporting and bringing cost are included in the auction monetary value or are extra.

O Finally, avoid giving out your societal security or driver ‘s license figure to the marketer, as the Sellerss have no demand for this information.

Credit Card Fraud

Os Do non give out recognition card figure online unless the site is both secure and reputable. Sometimes a bantam icon of a padlock appears to typify a higher degree of security to convey informations. The icon is non a warrant of a secure site, but may supply you some confidence.

O Before utilizing the site, look into out the security package it uses ; do certain your information will be protected.

Os Make certain you are buying merchandise from a reputable/legitimate beginning. Once once more look into the individual or company before buying merchandises.

o Try to obtain a physical reference instead than simply a station office box and a phone figure, name the marketer to see if the figure is right and working.

o Send them e-mail to see if they have an active electronic mail reference and be cautious about the Sellerss who use free electronic mail service where a recognition card was non required to open the history.

Os Do non buy from Sellerss who will non supply you with this type of information.

o Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any ailments against the marketer before.

o Check out other web sites sing this person/company inside informations.

o Be cautious when reacting to particular offers.

o Be cautious when covering with individuals/companies from outside your ain state.

o If you are traveling to buy an point via the Internet, use a recognition card since you can frequently challenge the charges if something does travel incorrect.

Os Make certain the dealing is unafraid when you electronically direct your recognition card someplace.

o You should maintain a list of all your recognition cards and history information along with the card issuer ‘s contact information. If anything looks leery or you lose your recognition card contact the card issuer instantly.

Investing Fraud

Os Do non put in anything based on visual aspects. Just because an person or company has a brassy web site does non intend it is legitimate. Web sites can be created in merely a few yearss. After a short period of taking money, a site can disappear without a hint.

Os Do non put in anything you are non perfectly certain about. Thoroughly investigate the person or company to guarantee that they are legitimate.

o Check out other web sites sing this person/company.

o Be cautious when reacting to particular investing offers ; ask about all the footings and conditions covering with the investors and the investing.

Importance of the legal ordinance in computing machine fraud

After all the basic treatment about the constructs and the causes of computing machine fraud, we are traveling to discourse about the legal ordinance issues related with the computing machine fraud which tells how the legal ordinances prevent or cut down the increasing computing machine fraud rate in today ‘s developing universe of engineering, Most of the jurisprudence reform is achieved by modifying and widening bing jurisprudence to get by with new state of affairss instead than by the debut of wholly new legislation.This can sometimes do it hard to happen a individual topographic point where the whole of an country of jurisprudence is clearly set out. The Computer Misuse Act was enacted in 1990 and it remains the primary piece of UK statute law concentrating on the abuse of computing machine systems. It covers computing machine frauds such as hacking and the calculated spread of viruses and was created to forestall unauthorised entree or alteration of computing machine systems and to forestall condemnable elements from utilizing a computing machine to help in the committee of a condemnable offense or from impairing or impeding entree to informations stored in a computing machine. “In 2004, MPs – specifically, the All-Party Internet Group ( APIG ) – began a reappraisal of the CMA, on the footing that this statute law was created before the outgrowth of the Internet and hence needed updating” [ 5 ] . The Act was seen to concentrate excessively much on single computing machines and non plenty on computing machine webs. In add-on some of the definitions used in the 1990 Act need updating. The concluding study outlined several recommendations to the authorities for alterations to the CMA. In March 2005, APIG called for amendments to the CMA to turn to the menace from denial of service onslaughts.

The Computer Misuse Act was passed in 1990 to cover with the job of hacking/other menaces of computing machine systems. In the early yearss hacking/other computing machine fraud related issues was non taken really earnestly by the jurisprudence and the feeling was that it is arch instead than something which causes serious loss to organisations. However, with developments in engineering the issue has become more serious and statute law was introduced to acknowledge three cardinal offenses:

O Unauthorized entree to computing machine stuff, Example: – Finding or thinking person ‘s watchword and so utilizing that to acquire into a computing machine system and have a expression at the information.

O Unauthorized entree with purpose to perpetrate farther offenses. The key to this offense is the add-on of purpose to perpetrate farther offenses. It hence includes guesswork or stealing a watchword and utilizing that to entree stuff or services without the consent of the proprietor.

o Unauthorized alteration of computing machine stuff. This could include canceling files, altering the desktop set-up or introducing viruses with the deliberate purpose to impair the operation of a computing machine.

Effectiveness of legal ordinance in computing machine fraud ( Conclusion )

All the above mentioned computing machine fraud issues was non taken earnestly until the legal ordinance was made decently, and due to the execution of legal jurisprudence of Computer Misuse Act, the effectivity caused a enormous alteration by penalizing all the illegal users of the computing machine system. Below illustration shows the effect for an ‘Unauthorized Access to system ‘ .

Incident – Unauthorized Access to Communications Systems

Provision – Computer Misuse Act Section 1

Description – Cause a computing machine to execute any map with the purpose of procuring entree to any plan or informations held in a computing machine, if this entree is unauthorised and if this is known at the clip of doing the computing machine to execute the map.

Sanction – A all right and/or a term of imprisonment non transcending 6 months was sentenced for the illegal user.

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Undertaking 2

( 2 ) Do legal developments in jurisprudence relating to Software right of first publication and Patents help or harm the cause of information system security

Information system security acts as the protection of information system against unauthorised entree or alteration of bing information whether in storage, processing or theodolite phase. The information system ensures to safeguard all the stored information. Information security covers non merely information but the full substructures that facilitate entree and usage of information. The primary concern to organisations is the security of valuable information which can be anything from a expression to a client list or organisations valuable information to fiscal statements. Three widely accepted elements of information system security are:

o Confidentiality – Guaranting information is merely accessed by authorised users.

o Integrity – Safeguarding the truth and completeness of information.

o Availability – To guarantee that authorised user have secure entree to information when required.

Law associating to Software Copyright and Patents

In early 1970 ‘s there was a argument refering about whether there is a demand to do a right of first publication for the package ‘s or non, but subsequently on it was decided that all the developed package needed to be copyrighted and if needed it can besides be patented under the UK Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988. The UK jurisprudence for right of first publication and patent helped the organisations from abuse of their developed software’s/concepts. Some organisations try to steal the concepts/parts of codification from developed package of other organisation and seek to use them in their development package merchandise. But due to the package right of first publication and patent jurisprudence, all the taking package organisations like ‘Microsoft ‘ started to do right of first publication for their parts of developed codification, so that no other organisations can utilize their portion of codification for developing other applications, this helped most of the organisations to develop a alone package merchandise.

Legal demand for Information Security

Keeping valuable information secure is non merely a affair of good organisation pattern it is besides a legal demand. Since 1999 in UK and most parts of the universe, there is a statutory duty on all organisations to keep minimal degrees of security. Organizations that fail to run into the minimal security demands may confront enforcement action by the UK Government via the Information Commissioner ‘s Office. “Enforcement action can take any signifier and the Information Commissioner ‘s powers are non limited. Organizations that want to be comparatively safe can take to implement BS7799” [ 2 ] , that is a voluntary criterion which helps to guarantee that sensitive information is handled by an organisation in a professional and unafraid mode, it can done by doing the organisation to sort the sensitiveness of information and to supply necessary control entree to it.

Legal developments in Torahs associating to package right of first publication and patents ‘help ‘ the information system security ( Conclusion )

As discussed earlier, the chief work of information system security is to supply a secure environment for the information storage and processing, in the past decennaries when there was no legal Torahs for package right of first publication and patents, hackers used to interrupt the information system and acquire the needed information/software ‘s ; they are non truly afraid of anything because there was non any jurisprudence saying that taking/hacking the software’s/information was a offense which caused a large job for the package developing organisations but now due to the development of legal Torahs ; if a individual tries to chop the information system security, he can be sentenced to prison due to the current province of jurisprudence. So the development of the legal Torahs associating to package right of first publication and patents did assist the information system security to do a secure environment.

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Undertaking 3

( 4 ) Measure the proposition that Data protection Torahs are an unneeded load on legitimate public and commercial informations aggregation

The Data Protection Act was originally started on 1984 but subsequently the bing act was replaced by the new Data Protection Act of 1998 [ DPA 1998 ] , the “new act of 1998 implemented the EU Data protection Directive 95/46” [ 3 ] . The DPA relates to the protection of personal information that includes names, electronic mail references, fiscal inside informations, personal paperss and exposure. Personal information is everyplace and because it is by and large impossible to divide personal information from other organisations information, most perceivers agree that the security criterions required by the Data Protection Act are the lower limit that must be applied to organisation IT Systems as a whole. The security of information is so of import to most organisations that, irrespective of what the jurisprudence require, organisations by and large implement degrees of security that are every bit high as budgets and engineering.

Data Protection Act of 1998—Personal Data Security

The chief legal demands are set out in Principle 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 says that all organisations must take “Appropriate proficient and organisational steps against unauthorised or improper usage and against inadvertent loss, harm or devastation, of information.” [ 4 ]

Today, all computerized processing of personal informations, structured manual records, and even some unstructured manual records are capable to commissariats of the DPA 1998, including the right of the person to entree the information which is held about them. Together with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 ( FOIA 2000 ) , the DPA 1998 has forced a re-think of organisations good pattern in personal informations handling, new attacks to enter direction and made organisations see more carefully their duties to those whose informations they hold. The FOIA 2000 extends the rights of the person to entree their informations which had already existed under the DPA 1998. The definition of ‘data ‘ is widened, every bit far as public governments are concerned ; to include all other ‘recorded information held by a public authorization ‘ . However, there are bounds to the informations topic rights that apply to this extra class of informations.

A petition by an person for information about him or herself is exempt under the FOIA 2000 and should be handled as a ‘subject entree petition ‘ under the DPA 1998. In certain fortunes such a petition may affect the release of associated information in which instance the commissariats of subdivisions 7 ( 4 ) and ( 5 ) of the DPA 1998 should be used to find whether it is appropriate to let go of the 3rd party information. Where an applicant specifically requests information about a 3rd party or where reacting to a petition for information would affect the revelation of personal information about a 3rd party which is non besides personal information about the applier, the petition falls within the remit of the FOIA 2000. However, the authorization must use the Data Protection Principles when sing the revelation of information associating to persons. An authorization must non let go of 3rd party information if to make so would intend transgressing one of the Principles.


Even though the DPA secures the users personal information/data, there are some problems/burden exist for the legitimate users/public confronting the Data Protection Act, harmonizing to DPA there is no freedom for back-up of data/information. In pattern it will be improbable that a informations topic want entree to data back-up and there is nil to forestall a accountant confirming that a information topic wishes to entree merely the most recent records. The back-up informations which provides that automated informations processed to replace other informations which has been lost, destroyed or impaired are exempt from subdivision 7 during the first transitional period stoping on 23 October 2001 ; but this is non a general freedom for back-up informations in the traditional sense.

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