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Computer education Essay

Computer instruction is two sides of a coin. there are several advantages and disadvantages which are listed below:


1. Information is available at the chink of a button. the cyberspace is really utile and gives a immense support to the instructor to heighten her course of study 2. The pupils themselves can larn a batch about the subjects taught in category through the cyberspace 3. Children find the lessons interesting since instructors have entree to a huge pool of information. 4. Children can subject prep etc via computing machine.

therefore salvaging of clip 5. Saves a batch of letter paper. paper wastage is minimum since pupils can subject their undertakings via computing machine. 6. Besides. today everyplace a computing machine is used kids become computing machine understanding and better prepared to confront the universe.


1. Computer tends to do the kids lazy. ground being that a computing machine is a one halt store. Everything is available at a chink of a button. they do non hold to endeavor to roll up information.

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2. Children lose their power the think since merely by seting in one word on the hunt engine a whole hoarded wealth of information opens up. everything is available without seeking really hard. kids lose their imaginativeness power and inventiveness. 3. Children do non hold to larn spellings. computation. tabular arraies they become wholly dependent on computing machines and their accomplishments for memorizing. application. speedy thought are non developed.

4. A computing machine is a really cold manner of instruction. earlier unrecorded illustrations and objects were used which were far more exciting.

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we could touch. smell objects like earlier if a instructor wanted to learn about an orange a unrecorded orange was brought and shown. today everything is shown via power point presentations on screen which does non hold the same consequence on kids. since a unrecorded thing is so much more exciting. 5. Children lose touch with the existent universe and live in a practical universe which is non good. 6. Children become lone wolfs. lose friends. since all the clip they are stuck to the computing machines 7. They do non kip on clip since chew the fating. e-mailing.

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